Thursday, May 31, 2012

Angelababy irregular dresses, leading the summer a small qingxin

REVIEW: Angelababy once tender mode, now renamed Yang Ying to enter the film, irregular fashion this summer, put the skirt to become her new favorite, short in front long slovenly designed to give women gentle and elegant elegant follow Angelababy resolve irregular skirt Dachu elegant and feminine!

Angelababy  unveiled the "first" propaganda activities of the scene, wearing a lapel stitching chiffon vest + irregular pencil skirt , with black pointed high-heeled shoes , giving a feeling of elegance Mature delicate seems to have slowly out of her irregular skirt to highlight the feminine!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Variety Girl sleeveless tops piercing the Small waistline

Introduction: sleeveless vest in the summer is the most favored!  The sleeveless design is not only cool, sweet and wild.  With shorts or with skirts can make your cute index increased.

Sense of flowing lines make you charming, sleeveless design shows the lines of your arm.  The touch is soft and comfortable and a good sense of skin-friendly, feet with Slim pants or skirts are a good choice.

Source: Phoenix Fashion

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Japanese clothing with a Fun Summer fresh

Introduction: Japanese clothing, very small fresh features, so loved by many young girls.  The summer of 2012, popular style? The Xiaobian Next, you recommended several Japanese clothing summer with.

Solid color shirt , together with a simple cardigan jacket , with natural wind without affectation, comfortable and simple.
Source: beautiful network

Monday, May 28, 2012

Elegant sweet bra flat chest girl instant rise in a Cup

Introduction: the underwear will be able to understand a girl, definitely not false words.  Flat chest girls greatest wish is that no matter sexy or sweet, first looked at the fullness of the job.  Beautiful Xiaobian today recommended several for you flat chest MM suitable for summer wear, both elegant and pleasant, but also can help you resolve what style of bra breast enhancement effect, so that your chest quickly out, refused to “flat” Yong.

Playful navy stripes is more refreshing than any color pretty oblique extension patterns make the chest look more upright, the cleavage will be more apparent in summer, wearing Source: beautiful network

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Actress demonstration summer Skirt sexy or cute are OK

Introduction: right knee length, with high heels or flat shoes can easily convert between sexy and cute with ease, this season’s Skirt was also endowed with rich colors and imaginative designs. “your wardrobe update!

Enthusiasm for printing

Star Model: Taylor Swift

The design around the neck sexy Skirt also look cute together, warm tone for the common prints have a sexy.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Building a sense of high heels, shot off a favorite Balenciaga

REVIEW: Pierre Hardy's name may be unfamiliar, but when it comes to Balenciaga  Do not you think to feel at home?  Pierre Hardy for Balenciaga footwear designed in recent years, Street beat off favorites, simple atmosphere lines, three-dimensional structure, rich and bold use of color, are so many women crazy.

Balenciaga, Pierre Hardy's name may be unfamiliar, but when it comes to Balenciaga , Do not you think to feel at home? specializes in architectural aesthetics into fashion design and even the architectural school of the United States to carry forward to the woman's high heels on the design of these buildings a sense of high heels, it is, Pierre the Hardy.
Pierre Hardy has served as a footwear designer of Dior  and Hermes , the spring of 1999, Pierre Hardy in his own name to create the first women's footwear series, Pierre Hardy namesake brand was established this point.  In 2001, Pierre Hardy has become a footwear designer of Balenciaga's building a sense of high heels Balenciaga's classic.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Choke a small chilli private clothes shopping street control dress with

Introduction: choking mouth peppers popular network again PW Street, light skirt craze.  Dress ride for Asian girls body is really small, small chili interpretation clearly and logically.  Bohemian style, seems to dress to become the best choice.

Tide: choking mouth peppers

Interpretation of the goal: Retro High Street

When Saika be flower clusters instead of, the large scale of the fabric become the best stage. Retro flavor with you to find the mother of grade sheets or curtains, oh.  Exaggerated with impunity, become an indisputable focus.  The upper body weaving a sense of strong T-shirt with lace fitted rendering. Coupled with the ornaments , one with the absolute High Street children ~

Recommended style: T-shirt : H & M

Shoes : Givenchy

Bracelet : ASOS

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Legs hot pants popular in the summer to create a Europe and the United States minimalist range of children

Introduction: The hottest summer than legs show, hot shorts, slender leg type, Xiaobian teach you how to build the legs bunt simple Europe and the United States range of children.  A lot of MM Europe and the United States range of children is difficult to build, it is not difficult, a simple short ride to realize Oh!

Star Model: Emma Roberts
White chiffon shirt + denim hot shorts , simple people more affinity with sexual feelings, the upper body relaxed sense of design shirt with pants tight hot pants , but also visually highlights the legs slender.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Workplace Pretty Woman! Rookie one week outfit Recommend

Introduction: just take the campus into the strange career, and every morning for day wear in front of the mirror, hesitated for half a day? The couple in the end what kind of attitude into the new and unfamiliar office? Code compiled a selection of one week with the workplace, faded the green school girl, let you do a confident career Pretty Woman, the United States and the United States spent every day!

 Workplace Pretty Woman! Rookie one week outfit Recommend

Sunday, May 20, 2012

To learn from the 1960s! When the mini dress hit retro DNA

Introduction: If the Christian Dior "New Look" is a blockbuster, and that created by Mary Quant Mini Dress can be bluntly called a fashion in the history of innovation, since that time, lap 10cm becomes a most fashionable one of the signs. Interpretation of the present, through the hands of the designer Mini Dress is turned actress who's pet, is incredible both playful, sexy and even casual street style.

After World War II, the entire Western economic recovery but also indicates that the re-emergence of the fashion industry.  Because they can not care about were prepared for the cost to buy stockings, and interesting "skirt length theory, also, or skirt obvious than the skirt you can wear for several seasons, and the most important thing is that finally can no longer wrapped which no gender-specific clothing , Christian Dior "New Look" blockbuster completely is expected.
Rounded shoulders wasp waist of the "New Look" iconic women who face up to the first time since their bodies curve, Cocktail Dress (cocktail dress), the design is the first time be raised to above the ankle. If the "New Look" to meet the needs of all Mature ', then bring another option for the Lady who advocated " popular fleeting, style forever more. "Coco Chane l, obtained on the Men inspired make simple and elegant almost against the trend "attitude into the hall of the high fashion .

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to wear all kinds of dresses?Fashion mm with Raiders

Introduction: The summer beauty of the female wardrobe, natural and ultimately, long or short period, sweet or elegant, holiday or commuting, and so on and so on all kinds of dresses.  But in the end were about with your skirt?  Small girls how to manage all kinds of dresses?  Network Reds choking mouth peppers a new season dresses show onto your bench, 2012 summer skirt with the Raiders!

Skirt chapter 1:
If you are a small girls, that the miniskirt certain you must have!  If your color is dim, that black and white is a perfect match .
White Chiffon + little black dress , and then kicking a pair of black ring-necked slope with or fresh sweet or elegant retro in the colorful Main Street, we will let you stand out from the crowd.
TIPS: high waist!  Regardless of the package hip or pleats, you want to wear clothing with the visual sense of the tall, be sure to choose the waist section.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Retro elegant dress slim thin beauty

Introduction: summer cover meat hard?  Take a look at folk with tricks up outfit, baggy T-shirt, light-colored shorts ... simple dress retro sweet thin beauty!

Round neck beautiful picture patterned short-sleeved T-shirt , interesting fun and classic wave of T-shirt is the season T-shirt king Oh!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer certain to be cute Girls' Generation show of dream dresses

Introduction: the 2012 summer fashion elements of sequins, printing, candy colors, fluorescent colors, mixed colors, etc. all rolled into one promotional photos, prints and sequins in the backdrop of colorful tones, exudes a powerful gas field and no one can , while the members of girlhood perfectly demonstrated this summer's popular high waist skirt, vest dress fashion charm.

Overbearing sequins and brightly mixed colors skirt
Elegant and sexy sequined skirt , easily become the focus among all the candy- colored fish-scale dresswith sequins high-profile, sweet and just right; spell color skirt with the retro charm of the 1950s and 1960s, coupled with the extremely popular this summer fluorescent colors and the high waist style, everywhere exudes attitude of girlhood young, optimistic and innovative fashion .

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Small waist skirt clever with hide a small waist fat

Introduction: skirt, magic, hide you depressed waist fat!  Chic cut waist skirt, visual correction a little extra baggage of the body, caused by a novel visual senses to the people.
Change the delicate visual senses magic weapon: the belt 2 cm

Yang Mi water pink dress , belt, 2 cm immediately visually obvious slender; possession of live fat-like Oh! double-layer design of the skirt can be a powerful cover the abdominal fat, plays a more elegant woman temperament sense.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Do not love the dress love pants to create the early summer finished legs type

Introduction: is the case in early summer, perhaps the leg there is little fat on the MM is still confused how to lose weight. The Xiaobian brings you visual match was thin rule, lets you easily create finished legs type Raiders trousers articles.

Leg lines are not perfect, do not worry, straight jeans drape texture can be visually very good play was thin, but also can cover you slightly fuller hips and thighs, upper body can mix and match shirt or T-shirt can be. Now showing perfect lines!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Young hot mom with a clever fashion and her daughter with sweet

REVIEW: Mother’s Day is approaching, has been promoted to the beauty of mother-class of course, to give their beloved baby Banmei about it, the mother of women’s choice, baby tainted with the fashion flavor of the mother and her mother can also be the same as the baby enjoy neotenous sweet, keep them coming back legislation to increase, really get any cooler!

Cultivating flounced dress , fresh yellow and white plaid pattern, the flouncing soft and elegant, and can cover the arm, and a little fat, do not worry Oh.

The beautiful and elegant teach you to build a super summer fairy installed

Introduction: The girls dream of aesthetic and elegant temperament, is not far away from us.  Properly chosen single product and a decent mix of easy to contrast the fairy temperament, Most Beautiful and great season of summer is the show, do not miss Oh.

The beautiful and elegant teach you to build a super summer fairy installed
Pure white chiffon and satin are the interpretation of the yield of the fairy wind, silky, lightweight, gentle facial, crossover design of the back or waist small wooden ear, details sufficient to outline the thick Xianqi .

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

May good weather little shorts show legs

Introduction: the weather heats up, the stars began to cool dress Street, shorts, a big show of legs, and slowly began to have the feeling of summer.  Stars cool dress is also very attractive to the eye, we look!

Emma Roberts a small dot vest + denim shorts + canvas shoes , cute dot sweet, cute , cool blue and even more cool, simple and with very suitable for smaller girls.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bohemian skirt to give you a cool summer

Introduction: In summer, all kinds of beautiful dresses colorful appearance, different styles and different styles, each one is addictive. However, this Summer may wish to try the next recommended several boat neck dress, exposing the beautiful lines of the clavicle, so sexy charm with you this Summer.

Tri-color stitching Slim Dress
This tri-color stitching Slim dress, flounced elegant fold treatment, waist belt waist design, a variety of tall girls are suitable for wearing. Chest before flouncing decorated full of a sense of elegant, more in line with the soft feel of the dress , skirt layered, make you more attractive.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Early summer veil dancing, transparent lace skirt hot coming

Introduction: the veil, folds, lace Toushi Zhuang surging wave that took Xianqi children’s skirts outline, design wonderful through the printing, bold and avant-garde perspective, these T-stage high-profile fashion into our low-key life?  Interpretation of the T station perspective lace, changing a single product, but an indispensable element of sense!
2012 in early summer whether it is colorful color embroidery printing diffuse throughout the fashion circle , veil, folds, lace clairvoyant outfit is surging wave, compared to a large area of bare lace perspective, diffuse veil, fold the gentle highlights women sexy taste. Christian Dior spring and summer fashion show , giving up the flamboyant costume and play the security card, organza suits almost impressive mystery of transparent tulle to keep the magic, which is the academic Dior spring and summer fashion amazing!

Perhaps every woman like a fairyland-like feeling, but the amazing feel of the T-stage out of reach, but to understand the fashion element , the trend is very important.  Veil-like feeling, delicate embroidered lace dress Qunjiao, that with Xianqi children’s skirts outline, wonderful design through the printing, bold and avant-garde perspective, these T-stage high-profile fashion into our low-key life? interpretation of the T-Taiwan perspective lace, changing a single product, but an indispensable element of sense!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Summer wardrobe the most beautiful dresses you dress to become white, thin, beautiful

Introduction: open the wardrobe, pulled out a sexy short skirts can be very high retention rates, because the success of exposing the legs, you can enjoy the get satisfaction! However, the most fashionable of the season is definitely not that short skirt a! can be romantic and flowing skirt make you as beautiful as the goddess, the choice of color suit decided to direct the final overall effect, as well as the skills to make themselves immediately turned white thin!

Romantic dress : the clever cover meat, spike passers-by turned goddess!
The big skirt swept not half past one quarter of the choice of course, the cotton-based, but do not ignore soft chiffon and yarn skirt , white hollow knitted tie a little casual in dress inside, the overall bright spot There is no doubt that the dress on a beautiful large red flowers, sleep is not an ordinary garden, nude color, and flowers of the collision there is no small retro feel, black handbag and sandals echoes.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trend Password “three-dimensional lace” Dachu small fresh

REVIEW: 2012 spring and summer show floor to Jingxian three-dimensional lace, great drape lace fabric flowers decorate more established artistic woman looks gentle intellectual.  Spring and summer show a lot of big spontaneously chose the fabric of lace embroidered chiffon material, the primary colors are all based on the charming bright colors as a base.  See the spring and summer show how the lace embroidery blooming!

2012 spring and summer show “three-dimensional lace very drape of lace fabric flowers decorate more established artistic woman looks gentle intellectual. Louis Vuitton  Louis Vuitton spring and summer series of shows , people can not help but think of the girls sat on the floor in a summer afternoon in the Jardin des Tuileries, fresh, fantasy; Valentino, a full show of aesthetic dream of lace, flowers and embroidery; Christian Dior organza suit is a pleasing landscape to see how the bloom of spring and summer show lace embroidery!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The trend of black stunning debut on the streets

Introduction: The black and white has always been a constant trend of the main colors, has been giving a calm impression of the black this time also broke the “serious” tone, mini style, perspective, style, or supplemented by the hollow lace designed to express a sense of elegant and charming fun.

Keywords: high top soft cap
Ulyana Sergeenko Star Demonstration: Ulyana Sergeenko
Depicts a slim and has caused sense of the curve close to the body line miniskirts high fedora to join simple shapes to add a hint of humor, taste, some red decorations, red lips, red nail polish, and even the nude color red soled shoes black tone with elegant and charming that.