Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Paris Fashion Week

Hello everyone~ You may not notice, In world fashion, another round of catwalkshows has begun with Paris. Its fashion week in Paris!!! How about fresh photo outside the show?Around 25 designers will show their haute couture collections during the most expensive week of the international fashion.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fashion in Berlin

Berlin is known as a fashion city, lets take a look on the street of Berlin, not on the show girl of the fashion week. These photos all taken by random people on the street, they might be normal to you but very special in my eyes. Beauty in the life is cozy, comfort. No need to make up, just with a scarf or wearing your coat can be very fashion. Let's check it out!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Paint it Black!

 I find myself being increasingly drawn to black, not only because the garments in the color are beautiful and the prints on the color  are so unique and interesting, but because of the feeling and depth behind them.  The color  has quickly become one of my favorites and I hope that all of you, my lovely readers,  enjoy and appreciate it just as much as I do.  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You Are Not A Teenager Anymore!

This past week has been cold.Photographer Taylor James certainly knows how to capture everything that I am failing to get out of life. These grungy, teen-angst ridden photos makes me wish I was 19 again. Then I remember that I wouldn't be able to go to bars yet and that thought quickly subsides. What is it about these free-spirited teen idols that we are so drawn to? check it out while here I continue pondering the meaning of life.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Anne Hathaway--the Star that Never Fade

I've added a bunch of beautiful pictures of Anne at the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards and pictures from the after party. Congratulations to Anne for winning a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture for “Les Misérables”

Let's check out our gallery of Miss Hathaway's style journey from elegant on the red carpet, to sleek on the street, with one or two mishaps along the way!

Anne Hathaway wore this Valentino FW2006 dress to the The Devil Wears Prada NYC Premiere.

With old-school glam tresses, Anne is gleaming against the red carpet in thislacy, tea-length Alexander McQueen dress.

Anne walked her cute pixie cut down the red carpet in a snow white Chanel gown encrusted in glittering crystals. The structured top flared out delicately at the waist, and Anne kept her jewelry simple with unobtrusive bracelets.


Thursday, January 17, 2013

Experts Teach You How to Choose Perfume as A Gift

As the latest consumer survey shows, the perfume has already been at the sixth place on the holiday shopping list.

Does all the girls like the smell of channel? What differences between Rosa damascena and Valentino Rock 'n Rose ? It's never been a easy thing to choose perfume as a gift when you come up with those questions.Very different from Skin care products which can be decided as the different types of skins, choosing a favor of perfume is kinda subjective. Whether it's good or not totally depends on personal feelings. So it takes risk while you decide to choose perfume as a gift. But the gift that you could use it everyday is rarely, its very important whether you choose it right.

Today let the experts teach you how to choose perfume as a gift, enjoy the following.

Choosing Perfume:

  • Consider how she spends her days. The career woman who puts in a lot of time at the office  might appreciate that wears close to the skin, such as a delicate musk or light, unobtrusive floral. An active woman who spends a lot of time outdoors will likely enjoy a fresh and natural scent, such as a bright citrus or a unisex ocean fragrance. The woman who enjoys domesticity and family life might enjoy an expressive perfume that reflects her personality, such as a sweet tropical scent .

  • Factor in her interests. If your lady looks forward to gallery openings and seeing an eclectic musical act, fragrances that are unique and spicy, like an intense oriental, are good choices. For the outgoing gal who loves shopping, parties and rock concerts, you can't go wrong with a bright, fruity scent, such as a sweet raspberry. If the woman in your life is mature and nurturing and loves the kitchen and a good book, consider soft floral and food-scented perfumes, such as lavender and vanilla.

  • Think about age. Teens and young women can appreciate a perfume crafted by their favorite female celebrity or pop star. The trendsetter in her 30's will gravitate to contemporary fragrances made by  popular designers , while the mature woman may favor classic fragrances that can become her signature scent.

  • Reflect upon her fragrance favorites. When you are choosing a perfume for someone special, it is important to select one that she will love, rather than one that you personally prefer. You can get ideas for which types of scents the woman in your life favors by paying attention to which aromas she already uses. For example, if she uses a classic scented soap with a light fragrance, then she will likely appreciate a perfume that is gentle, sweet and not overpowering, such as a fruity floral variety. If your lady has a collection of vanilla, cinnamon and ginger beauty products, then stick with warm food-scented perfumes. If her home is filled with floral scents from air fresheners to fabric softener, then she will likely appreciate a fragrance that incorporates plumeria, jasmine or rose.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Way to Wear Your Jeans Right

It sounds easy wearing a pair of  jeans, but actually care must be taken. Like dark clothes will tend to fade in the washing process. Black jeans are no exception. 
But how to wear your Jeans out right? How is that?

Here are some instructions to teach you to do that:
1. Dye your jeans, more colorful,the better looking they are.

2. Wear  the jeans until washed out white.

3. Spill some paint on them

4. Rub some grease while you fix the bicycle.

5. Work out, wear the jeans topless.

6. If all the instructions above are not working, please hang them home. 

Now  you know how to wear your jeans right. You are welcome❤   


You might better remember her from the reality show The City, but also known for her incredible class and sense of style in fashion 
She is the It girl from NYC.
She is Olivia Palermo.

How to Make a Banner

Just change our banner in this blog! Do you like it?? I just love this new banner! we have several versions, but eventually we picked this one! It's great, right? I put three banners here~which one do you ❤! Tell me!Or you could also comment with the one that you ❤!

It's so hard not to notice the banner of someone's blog,once you click into a blog, there is the giant banner in front of you. It's generally the graphic at the top of the website,displaying the loge,the name of the company while it comes to a commercial blog. I gotta say that the banner is the favorite part of the website,its informative,attractive and inviting!

Making a web banner is as easy as it is fun. So there is NO need to worry about. Follow these simple steps and you’ll have no problem.

You will have to:

  • Visit one of the following websites.,,etc.There are plenty websites if you Google for it. There is a large number of different online banner-makers. You could pick the one that suits your web best just in few minutes.
  • Add your text and images. Follow the methods to build your banner. Normally you can use their own artwork but you could also add your own creation to the banner.In one word, you could edit their banner for your own good.
  • Generate your banner. When you have finished the banner, you could use the export function which will let you specify which folder or directory you want to save to. 

Follow the instructions, you will be just fine~

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Did You Wear Pants Take the Subway?

By the time of January 13, 2013 in the metro of Shanghai, China, it has been spotted that many foreigners wear no pants but only underwear. Their behavior shocked all the citizens around them. As we know, "No pants Subway Ride" was originated since 2002 in New York,involves participants who strip down to their underwear as they go about their normal routine.

The 12th Annual "No pants Subway Ride" took place today in New York in mild 52 degree weather. Over 4,000 riders met at meeting points spread out all over the city and converged on Union Square. The event also happened in in 60 cities in over 25 countries around the world

Leave a comment and let us know how it went for you.