Monday, April 30, 2012

Rolling up jeans this way appears tall and slim

All year round, popular jeans, how can you lack of one, does not go the sweet route, you want more whims and cool and spicy, then the jeans are absolutely essential! Jeans mix and match nine points, autumn is very prevalent, can also mix and match of the season, the practical joker, jeans to add some new elements, so you are more shark!

Slim feet jeans, very comfortable to wear, washed colors are very natural, good effect was thin.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Three color trip type: interpretation of the world’s 8 most popular resort

Introduction: busy saying goes: a person’s life, at least two impulses, the time of selfless love, a trip to stay away.  For love, a lot of people in their lives in the pursuit of love and be loved the way changing role.  Selfless kind of courage is an obsession, but helpless love can not be replaced.

Green vane movement to hold a city’s vitality

The city of Manchester is well-known because of the ball
Recommended Route: St. Peter’s Square → Lowry Centre → North Point → Kadoya → Manchester United Football Club
To spend time: 3 days
Manchester is Britain’s fourth largest city, located in northwest England, and its total urban population in the United Kingdom ranked second only to London.  Manchester is a model of urban renewal, one can see from here the history of British industrial development.  It was the pioneer of the Industrial Revolution, and now, it has long been away from that part of the steam and sweat the years, but stepped into the dress fashionable gatherings tiles youth or everywhere.
In addition to the impressive pace of development, people fascinated by Manchester because of its team – precisely because of the “Red Devils” Manchester United, Manchester became world famous for its football and one of the city.  Had the big star of David Beckham, Manchester United football team, has become the most world-known mark in Manchester.

Along the bright spot

In Manchester, the chorus of “Come on Red Devils” at any time may have erupted in the streets of Manchester, one block will be followed by dancing.
Multiplied by light rail, get off at Old Trafford, which can go to the Manchester United football club, fans can pick a red scarf.  And then by bus to reach the “Theatre of Dreams – Old Trafford.  It is said that if prior not to buy season tickets for the whole ball game, you never expect to watch a Manchester United game.
Travel Tips:
Manchester humid climate, the average annual precipitation of 809 mm precipitation lasted longer but the intensity of precipitation, uncommon for a few minutes of heavy rains, so carry rain gear necessary. Whatever the season or the weather in Manchester travel is very convenient, but from April to September is the best season to visit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The weather is getting hot how to wear thin sweet dress show

Introduction: the weather gradually heats up, a thick coat off and put on light clothing to play cool.  Hot days, how to dress? Together to learn several with easy to deal with the spring and early summer awkward weather.
The weather grew hot how to wear thin sweet dress show
Full sense of vitality to wear green, lace flowers hollow shirt, short sleeve style is very cool, add a knit design, more mellow Slim, lower body with elegant beaded decorative skirt , ice cream-color, high-heeled shoes , can not tell the elegant sweet.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woman wearing a shirt than men handsome

Introduction: hermaphrodite, the new season’s fashion Keywords! A simple shirt, can be arbitrary with the way you want, you can neutral wind, than men handsome Whatever next, can be sexy, shirt classic is impeccable, and how to create an androgynous, how to let their own embodied in the European style head?

Fashion wind to the standard
Let’s look at the fashion forefront of the message, the model must be the vane of fashion trend, they show, and the brightest star in order to obtain a copy of their favorite models, large die very early androgynous fashion tide, the shirt must also be essential a single product , the level of of Ai Liannuo the wide leg pants + shirt and suit with a big play of the neutral wind ! Arlie Michael can manage shirt so sexy , look at the hot mom , a simple white shirt, than men handsome Slim Lederhosen how sexy!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hot soar! High waist shorts outside on the street

We all want an infinite extension of our legs shorts, maybe we do not have supermodel legs gene, but we can also increase the length of the legs vision through waist pants. If you do not know how to choose the high waist pants, so remember: shorts waist design perfectly suited to you, and have the smallest waist, so you can have a pair of super-mode legs. Of course, according to your own situation to choose the long or short pants, no matter how short you dare to wear. Other tips, denim shorts will make you the cool of the 1970s. These are the 2012 summer on the most popular shorts. Here take a look for you a selection of 8 high waist shorts!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gao Yuanyuan VS Yang Mi Dress Competition

Introduction: The recently regardless of Gao Yuanyuan Zhao Ting Jie Dilian or Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse, the world’s best sex scandal, has successfully attracted the attention of all.  Why is the female star of the peach shipped?  In fact, we can dress which from Gao Yuanyuan Yang Mi, learning to 6 “Dr. Peach” beautiful.

    No.1 powder is red

So-called “Dr. Peach, who of course need the pink of red clothes to convey information, and large areas of pink color is not only delivered a lovely atmosphere, the feminine is also full of it.  Whether Yang Mi pink skirt, dress or round red a dress and coat , we is not hard to smell the taste of love from their look.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Exceed and dressing skills to easily have a good body

Introduction: very few women have a perfect body, and that only in the dressing with the efforts.  But with how to avoid weaknesses, and to show perfect body?  One up the school the student movement of women who dress with piercing the more self-confident figure.

Short paragraph waist coat , pearl trim design, small shrug, every detail are the United States.  Inside the ride doll collar white shirt , coupled with loose yellow pantyhose , flat shoes , exposing the ankle, was thin fashion .

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Early summer fashion with four popular take-all on fashion

REVIEW: really short spring, before the wardrobe of clothes down the summer! Bloom in early summer to how to use his magic wardrobe? Brilliant color to wear, retro shirts, Oxford shoes quickly equipped for this early summer to master the following four popular, fashionable High Street the Queen is you steal the spotlight to prepare!
Popular NO 1: color to wear!

A variety of eye-color flower pretty High Street! To choose their own to match best with the same color, but a good choice: gold red shirt is simple and straight jeans with a hole in casual , rolled up his pants side will not let the legs echoed up and down significantly chunky shoes and shirts with a matte finish to the jacket level.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shu Qi is the most sparkling of red carpet stars bright Awards

Introduction: The red carpet is dark and can not hide the bright starlight, as the gradual decline of the Hong Kong film still implies infinite vitality.  Street shot of the Chinese star, often insane, was able to rely on a strong team of modeling, usually pulled one back on the red carpet. This time 2012 Hong Kong Film Awards red carpet by a subject on the microblogging Shu Qi come out on top, with the performance of other actress!

Red List Top1 Shu Qi

The Armani the Pr ive dress skirt has always been a red carpet jersey class of essential, Shu Qi this time select the 2012 spring and summer to outline a variety of cocoon-shaped outline of the beauty of the women-specific curves patchwork with sequins to looming visual effects, retro hair and red lips makeup against the background of each other, to create a retro full of flavor without losing the exquisite caused by body type.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The handsome short pants feel cool and show beautiful legs

Admittedly, the summer has really come. Summer heat wave hit, what kind of dress the most neat capable and cool and refreshing? There is no doubt that the answer must be the shorts. The major brands have launched the shorts will be able to strong proof of this.

Fresh girl next door dress up the most favored by the boys, black lace short-sleeved shirt with a white tweed shorts, elegant straw hat to reveal the taste of leisure. Have to say Jason Wu set refreshing design will capture the hearts of young girls.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taylor Swift, favorite dress!

Introduction: country music days Houtai Le Swift  really love the dress, whether to attend or street shooting high rate of appearance of the dress.  Floral, Chiffon or solid color dress, Taylor Swift can always dress to wear clothing with their own taste, can be described as a “dress the Queen!  Next, we take a look at Taylor Swift is how to wear dresses ~

Brown coat + the Orange Polka Dot Dress + FRENCH S OL E, fs / ny velvet flat shoes red and yellow of the collision color with rich colors and vibrant echoes Taylor’s lips and feet velvet flat -soled shoes both loose yellow windbreaker cuffs rolled to appear casual and comfortable.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Star early summer skirt show sweet and elegant

With the increasing temperatures, a variety of dresses are appearing on the street. Exactly what skirt this summer is the most beautiful? The first to refer to the choice of the actress’s who walks in the forefront fashion. Never let you instantly find the realization of a sweet, elegant and less age password.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Rihanna May issue sexy rave

Recently, the singer Rihanna for “ELLE” magazine shot the cover photo of the May issue of exposure, neat shape in the group photo, Rihanna sexy appearance filling the wild charm.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hardcore refined Fashion control the influx of white shirt

Introduction: The classic white shirt can be free and easy are free, and even handsome, retro and even OL style can come in handy, open with actress Emma Roberts, Miranda Kerr, and Blake Lively’s wardrobe, and look at them is how to manage the various types of distribution accessories, to create a personalized and unique image!

The best example: Emma Roberts

U.S. new generation of actors, the niece of Julia Roberts

Lace design to bring a more detailed black and white tones with a retro flavor and velvet high heels for the visual and touch have double enjoyment, and shirts with each other against the background of more conspicuous head of the elegant mean.

Monday, April 9, 2012

European style Fun High Street, mad love with analytic

The show floor, keep them coming back a super model in High Street, in addition to that exquisite face and most people can not control the gas field, looks around and does not feel wearing a very fancy, but Europe and the United States range child is then in their praise! Europe and the United States range of children swept the blind worship and pursuit of the girls really get up and how to wear? ratio of how to control? Let me tell you!

Tee of the basic models is a favorite of European and American girl, simple and casual with Slim trousers, retro tip shoes pocketed keep them coming back, patent leather materials and colors leaping orange diagonal packet echoes motorcycle models in the nude color long coat handsome plus points.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The influx of women and essential style spring mix and match

Introduction: spring, you will choose what clothing to dress it?  Suits, trench coat or the dress?  In fact, no matter what kind of spring, we need to have some with skills can wear clothing with a fashion sense.  The woman wanted to tide, take a look at the following paragraphs dress, personalized mashups to wear clothing with their own style.

Beige windbreaker jacket + dress

The cream-colored long coat jacket, casual relaxed version of the type, simple and neat, fresh and stylish .  Spring clothes for the long section of the dress with the best, however, coupled with gray leggings , leopard shoes, full of personality.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

West assembly feet pants,favorite simple was thin with

Introduction: the warm spring, of course, put their own dress, such as spring-like beauty and variety of the.  That suit with how it would look nice?  Simple thin with the most popular spring, coupled with the feet pants fashion type.  Afraid lazy, work together to learn skills easily with a suit with pants feet.

England plaid suit + the Harlan feet pants

Plaid Slim suit jacket , the elegance of the lattice is significant temperament, a kind of small fresh taste.  Take a black T-shirt, wear khaki pants feet, flat foot-soled shoes, full of charm.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Super sweet storm Japanese simple spring

Introduction: This spring, the fresh and lovely texture and detail into shape, adding to the playful sense of vitality with this new feature this year, with, will feel the elements in simple real wear is a Japanese-style shape of the key today look at the Japanese charm simple dress reference.

Blue stripe fungus collar edge chiffon shirt

Was thin vertical stripes of blue , with the refreshing taste, cool and good comfortable.  A-board type, the hem slightly expand the treatment, very cute.  Simple lapel, soft wood ear, as well as exquisite small rotator cuff, are commendable.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Korean Street shot list! Denim jacket + skirt the most popular

Introduction: denim jacket, believed to be essential in your wardrobe, a single product, and early spring to pick up the jeans, the classic single product in the middle of the fashion people, blue jeans, a natural leisure and street sense, plus details embellishment, holes, printing, and it is free to the property for those who like casual street shooting style girls let them go, cowboy fashion this year is playing out fresh style?  Follow the interpretation of our lens to see the streets.
Type version of a denim jacket , the washing process handled very well, more handsome and stylish look.  Take the sweet candy-color dress with high saturation tone to brighten the whole body shape the boots accession to match the sleek stylish.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

With easy to wear clothing with the ladies wind

Introduction: the beautiful spring season, appropriate to try a variety of different styles, take a look at the most fashionable beauty take you easily piercing the aristocratic daughter of Fan children.  Like this style with the girls may wish to learn, wear clothing with a unique charm.

Shirt + navy blue jacket

Shirt with sapphire blue color coat mix and match , matched with black high waist pants , England, while the neutral.  Especially popular denim stitching shirts with a retro beaded lapel, especially big.