Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Woman wearing a shirt than men handsome

Introduction: hermaphrodite, the new season’s fashion Keywords! A simple shirt, can be arbitrary with the way you want, you can neutral wind, than men handsome Whatever next, can be sexy, shirt classic is impeccable, and how to create an androgynous, how to let their own embodied in the European style head?

Fashion wind to the standard
Let’s look at the fashion forefront of the message, the model must be the vane of fashion trend, they show, and the brightest star in order to obtain a copy of their favorite models, large die very early androgynous fashion tide, the shirt must also be essential a single product , the level of of Ai Liannuo the wide leg pants + shirt and suit with a big play of the neutral wind ! Arlie Michael can manage shirt so sexy , look at the hot mom , a simple white shirt, than men handsome Slim Lederhosen how sexy!

Hermaphroditism: handsome than men
Simple solid color shirt , the transflective the visual effects is full of imagination, leave a dash of sexy black pantyhose + retro oxford shoes, so simple, you can also handsome man! men do not have our share of charm!

Standing collar shirt , good and early outfit ways out absolutely retro , wide pants have belt to do the cover still waistline, the need to retro oxford shoes to complement the overall color harmony to No, the decoration of the neck reveals a small woman taste.

Hermaphrodite: the little woman sexy instinct
Chiffon the semipermeable of solid color shirt , color, soft and white high waist shorts , clean and to not do big long legs exposed, sexy, no doubt! handbags to add more European style with the nature in which.

A black shirt + Slim jeans , black high-heeled shoes and shirts echo the simple dress revealing little darling is not the slightest bit, a good figure at a glance.

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