Thursday, June 28, 2012

The most unusual national wind The rise of exotic printing warfare summer

Introduction:bright floral patterns in brilliant colors framed romantic vivid, totem of the family a sense of comfortable born, exotic colors quietly from the season in the shadow of the retro fashion, the exotic flavor of the national single product more eye-catching, dazzling summer national single product to help you Dress.

Floral retro shadow of the most unusual national wind quietly rising totem printing of the exotic , intoxicating colors, can not help but love. Editor take you into the exotic wind situation, how to mix and match to taste a taste of the national single product !

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The stylish simplicity installed ignite your enthusiasm for the summer

Introduction: simple low-key interpretation of fashion, style mix and match the color, simple European style wild taste, full of personality, the most extraordinary single product you do not like the European style, fashion, starting from basic T-shirt, so you Summer easily create Star Fan children!

Classic black and white, seems to have become a fashion classic, thin-skinned texture of a single product , seasonal mix and match the influx of goods, a single product if you hobby mashup can try cortical flu this summer with summer , but you kind feeling, Black retro pointed high-heeled shoes , the highlights of the whole body of clothing, so colorless with become more eye-catching!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Put Exaggerate Colors Away, Change with Pure Collocations

REVIEW: If the sexy low-grade fever of 37.2℃, so little to exaggerated pure color would not be summer your blood expansion of a medicine?  Abandon the exaggerated colors return to the original tone, the most direct enthusiasm and sheer beauty, the interpretation of the ultimate temptation of summer color is white!
White color will never be fashionable buried sway the summer sun, bright colors people can not help but fascinated, pure color seems to have become a fashion recalling the 2012 summer regardless of the T-Taiwan show, socialite, actress whom fascinated color white, in the handwriting of the designer, given the different white vitality, white to reinforce the charm of the woman!

Star Model: Anne Hathaway
Anne Hathaway, the whole body white suit , short hair style has become more conspicuous neutral able, simple dress, with black and white classic , people can not help but once again obsessed with a neutral outfit, OL women can learn from the workplace fitted white beam will be more friendly workplace highlights the charm!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To Be The Beach Star With The Perfect Collocation of Pure Bikinis

Introduction: The hot summer of course, and ultimately go to the beach to soak up the sun, so choose a beautiful fashion bikini is very important.  In addition to the colorful patterns in the past, we impression, in fact, solid-colored bikini can easily interpretation ofsexy and cute Oh!  Here we take a look at what color swimsuit favored.

Black bikini
Black is full of mystery, black bikini, although not as bright colors are so eye-catching, but like a low-key girls, this is undoubtedly an excellent choice.  (Reproduced Phoenix)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Show Your Charm in Long Summer Dresses

REVIEW: The dress is the eternal theme of the summer, different printing, different slits dress attitude numerous Variety. This summer dress enjoy displaying the temptation of power.

Knee pencil skirt style is elegant and soft, high elastic texture outlines attractive curve, curve highlights the soaring sexy.

Friday, June 15, 2012

European Cup star WAGs: fight game fight fashion

Introduction: people crazy enough to stay up all night watching the European Cup began, to this time, men look at the football, women see the guy actually In addition, TV grab her husband’s girls can also concern the star’s wife and his girlfriend how to dress, to be able to hitch a million pet star woman is no easy task!  Here we take a look at several well-known star wife how to build their own.

ere we take a look at several well-known star wife how to build their own.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bingbing Fan, Angelababy teach you to create mini-waistline

Introduction: the thin belt of the summer star of a single product, to create the perfect curve, hidden waist fat!  Bingbing Fan  streets of Paris, sexy, feminine and filling the S body type, Angelababy Hong Kong attended the reception, fold Polka Dot Tank Dress with a thin belt is fresh retro!  The summer of your waist to the possibility of a thin belt, and help you build the perfect body type?  Xiaobian take you to see the star with, how to create waistline!

Fan Ye, Paris Street beatretrosexy range of children’s Bingbing  Fan wearing leopard skirt, red fish head high heels kept on walking , filling sexy feminine, thin waist belt so that waistline slimmer dresswith fine belt immediately apparent S-shaped.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Steal The Show In Off Shoulder Dresses

Introduction: a big fuss of the neck at the neck with a dress style sought after by many stars in the summer, a small neck carries the sexy and elegant charm.

Kristen Reiter
Topshop dress : local cup sun ​​dress / bag : MULBERRY / high heels : MIU MIU sun sandals
Fashion Analysis: flower pattern dress is the best choice for the summer, large areas of exposed shoulders, you can show the delicate perfection of the clavicle, more visual cut thin.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Feeling Summer Fashion With Green

Introduction: green tones, a very flexible color. It can be yellow-green, slightly “warm” somewhat “cold” in the blue-green and green direction. A lime green can make a design “boom”, olive green, more peaceful, and the light green gives a refreshing feeling. Green Department to create the perfect summer cool, green with resolve that you do not know!

Prints dress warm green fresh with a cascading green leaves playful, eye-catching, green, life is the feeling of freedom, green skirt with a green single product, with a green Department of the deep and shallow, people midsummer fresh doubly!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Various Summer Items, Sparkly Mix And Match

Introduction: The monotony of the paragraph over and over again, cowboy classic Needless to say, the mix and match the pretty Summer Fun tannin! ! Europe and the United States Fan children mix and match technique star to help demonstrate and teach you how to mix and match the color!

Star Model: Amanda Seyfried / Charlize Theron
Denim shirt is not a single product in the spring , summer thin section of the denim shirt is also essential for individual products, whether with a sexy and simple shorts or tight leggings , wild index soared high, a single product one star keen to Oh!

This Week’s Street Snap, Underwear As Outwear, Steal The Show

Introduction: underwear Waichuan the word is no longer the exclusive stars, more and more women today are more daring in dress, personalized underwear Waichuan no longer gives flashy, but a stylish avant-garde sense.  If the pursuit of individuality, why do not you underwear Waichuan to show their own style? Now, I send all fashionistas this week underwear Waichuan shape for your reference.

A black hollow Bra revealed a sexy skin, with white chiffon dress , the hand bag of mixed colors, do something romantic.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Pencil skirt beautiful temperament stylish essential goods

Introduction: The pencil skirt is a knee up and down, hem tightening skirt type. The difference is that with all kinds of short skirt wrapped hip design cordial to the benefits of the length of the perfect outline of the buttocks legs curve, highlighting the Bottom legs, sexy and elegant, but Monroe and Princess Diana's favorite. Immature, get rid of the little girls to create light Mature proud and arrogant temperament, started from a pencil skirt.

Speaking of pencil skirts can not be ignored Victoria Beckham, a little look at the Beckhams in recent years on the street shot and activities according to, you know how much she loves the knee pencil skirts, I must mention, who is also the designer she The 2012 series of the same name brand flagship pencil skirt shape, transplanted to the brand design of personal preference, there is no suspense.  PS: knee style and could easily lead to hip width master effects, plus more will not give the length of your legs, if not the Beckhams body and Miranda child supermodel-level legs, be sure to carefully.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flowers to wear to the body to decorate your summer

Introduction: This year's spring and summer, can be seen everywhere a variety of dizzying pattern of flowers, the best interpretation of this season.  This season, designers can not meet simply printing, presented flowers more vivid, three-dimensional effect.  Combining with gemstones, decorated in the clothing, put it down.

Dense three-dimensional flowers, decorative , either as Xiangjian at the exquisite embellishment can also be the same as competing in full bloom the flowers over the body, realistic and vivid embellishment to bring a sweet and feminine self-evident!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jessica Alba’s sweet debut in Beijing China, 8 sets of the most beautiful shape inventory

Introduction: American sweetheart Jessica Alba recently in Beijing to attend the the Montblanc Monaco Princess Grace Series conference, the day transform the shape of the two different styles, the afternoon of the conference, a nude color dress with a long head BOB night change became sexy crocheted dress, and roll up the hair looks very sexy.  Edit personal interviews Jessica Alba, a closer look at her beauty in the person sound sweet, very perfect.  Editing all inventory of the 8 sets of the most beautiful shape of Jessica Alba, to see how this America’s Sweethearts Fun sweet and sexy.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Loose clothing casual pants, simple street shooting trend with

REVIEW: spring and summer days, The dress up of the out to the streets the most like the the dress, of the minimalist leisure knitted shirt, shirt or Wei clothing collocation the casual pants can to wear clothing with stylish the feeling of to come to. Casual elegant, eclectic.  With several blouses and slacks recommended for everyone out and tide take a second glance hundred percent.

                           Loose clothing casual pants, simple street shooting tide take
Splicing irregular chiffon pentagram T-shirt , loose version of type, full of personality design, very atmospheric fashion . A five-pointed star pattern for this dress look more playful feel, with bright yellow feet pants, white shoes fresh and neat.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chiffon shirt OUT! Comfortable cotton T-shirt and wild

Introduction: after the beginning of summer, the choice of clothes is also very important addition to the beautiful and comfortable!  Summer sweat easily, perhaps a lot of people would breathable clothes the first place!  So this time chiffon shirt may not be a good choice, more people favor comfortable cotton paragraph clothes, now look at the Xiaobian recommended.

The casual charm of a single product ! lovely prints in the chest , the shoulder of the hollow was also designed to attract the eye, with jeans or skirts to wear very praise!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Pegasus Star cartoon T-shirt fashion fun to reduce the age of loading

Introduction: cartoon T-shirt seems to have become each summer, the most popular single product indispensable!  Large children can also be abstract, how to mix and match cartoon T-shirt, from simple to start with fun patterns Fun cartoon dress exaggerated accessories the most eye-dotting ceremony, so that with a more interesting at the same time more pleasant mood Oh!

Cartoon T-shirt + trousers feet, a simple color scheme with interesting patterns, so that you more childlike fun by age began immediately, the star pattern of fluorescent colors, accessories , so that the whole body with even more vigor Oh!