Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bingbing Fan, Angelababy teach you to create mini-waistline

Introduction: the thin belt of the summer star of a single product, to create the perfect curve, hidden waist fat!  Bingbing Fan  streets of Paris, sexy, feminine and filling the S body type, Angelababy Hong Kong attended the reception, fold Polka Dot Tank Dress with a thin belt is fresh retro!  The summer of your waist to the possibility of a thin belt, and help you build the perfect body type?  Xiaobian take you to see the star with, how to create waistline!

Fan Ye, Paris Street beatretrosexy range of children’s Bingbing  Fan wearing leopard skirt, red fish head high heels kept on walking , filling sexy feminine, thin waist belt so that waistline slimmer dresswith fine belt immediately apparent S-shaped.

Angelababy fold Polka Dot Tank Dress , Pompon skirt to reveal a small woman like a fresh clean Punta Songane folds a thin black belt , immediately apparent to waist, waist lines, more perfect, one pair of fish head sandals , a woman retro sense of summer filled with dresses , you must not forget that with a compact thin belt Oh, it the more you do not like perfect lines!

Star Model: Taylor Swift
Summer season of white power, a white print dress and simple accessories with flat shoes , like the very plain dress, but the details are a little effort Oh! waist a thin white belt with the department at the waist , so the more slender and perfect body, one pair of blue lake flat -soled shoes light up the whole attire Oh!

Star Model: Paris Hilton
Water pink irregular skirt, with a metallic belt , gold handbag even more style, sexy deep V-neck design makes the Paris Hilton sexy, feminine, metallic belt so that waistline slimmer glamorous.

Star Model: Dakota Fanning
Watermelon red deep V-neck dress with black bow design thin belt , a full body type, the same black hand bag but also the overall clothing echoed!

Star Model: Mila Kunis has
Summer blue extraordinarily bright, at the same time gives a cool feeling more eye-catching, landing blue dress with metallic thin belt , exquisite design, had no significant floor skirt waist, more charming Smart.  Immediately to build a perfect physique!

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