Friday, June 1, 2012

Pegasus Star cartoon T-shirt fashion fun to reduce the age of loading

Introduction: cartoon T-shirt seems to have become each summer, the most popular single product indispensable!  Large children can also be abstract, how to mix and match cartoon T-shirt, from simple to start with fun patterns Fun cartoon dress exaggerated accessories the most eye-dotting ceremony, so that with a more interesting at the same time more pleasant mood Oh!

Cartoon T-shirt + trousers feet, a simple color scheme with interesting patterns, so that you more childlike fun by age began immediately, the star pattern of fluorescent colors, accessories , so that the whole body with even more vigor Oh!

"Sin" general skirt season is very hot fashiona single product , Chiffon slim with a fun T-shirt , so you Smart, more small woman, handsome, cute.  But without losing the feminine, MIU MIU this summer launched a lot of cute and small jewelry , red sunflowers, make you more sun glamorous.

Abstract patterned T-shirt + shorts fifth leisure lazy Fan children immediately apparent, and a pair of light canvas shoes , is not filled with infinite vitality of youth!

White cartoon T-shirt + high waist denim shorts , seemingly mediocre with exaggerated ornaments can be the most light pen, the broad-brush exaggerated styles of jewelry, the whole attire is more fashionable Oh, this summer may wish to try!

Cartoon T-shirtpretending surgery, OL woman can have Oh, Fitted high waist skirtwith cartoon T-shirt , occupation gives the sunshine fun, more user-friendly at the same time without losing the professional feminine.

Cool cartoon logo + white fresh skirts , a medium-sized sense of the bag , so that the whole body costume gentle, yet cool, mix and matchfashion unrestrained imagination, make you enough by age, return to innocence moment.

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