Friday, March 30, 2012

April to wear what kind of jeans is the most tide?

Introduction: Speaking of the most wild pants, and that the non-jeans is none other than the  Whether you’re from out of the closet, dress shirts, casual jackets, T-shirts, romantic chiffon shirt, can be simply asked by mixing the flavor.

Black, dark blue Slim jeans most thin, but also the most easily with a single product, but also not easy to become obsolete.  Victoria Beckham, January Jones, Jessica Alba, wearing dark jeans J of Bra nd. Few quarters, most tide color you found? Attractive color models.  Or, do you still like with the spirit of the cowboy, that tie-dye, bleach and the hole in jeans , will be able to wear out your character. The traditional color of jeans, with cool neutral or rough with the boots more suitable for a lot of stars wear Isabel Marant boots. Ice cream color of the jeans, usually with a feminine high heels or Shunv Xie , and the role of the United States and the United States. With the view of the stars of April how to wear jeans to dress!

Black tight-fitting models
January Jones, Black J of Bra nd tight jeans , with black low-heeled boots, cool awkward in the end!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Spring quarter of South Korea street color dress search

Today, minor edits we recommend several South Korea MM Street film Videos of heart MM hurry up action.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Plush handbags for special occasions

The things carried by celebrities or socialites such as a bag, or wearing fashion clothing, they walk on the red carpet will soon attract people’s eyes. All their carried handbags are carefully designed by fashion masters. So such as stars, they are the fashion vanguards, their fans will chase them, see what is the most fashionable factor in this spring.

The Black Embellished Hand Bag by Ginza Tanaka encrusted with over 2,000 diamonds and a strap which can be taken off and used as a necklace or a bracelet is the most expensive bag to be created. The 8 carat pear shaped diamond on the bag can be used as a separate jewelry piece which ups the price quotient of this bag.

Monday, March 26, 2012

The weather is not warm to the actress can not wait to high X-skirt to wear!

Introduction: from the low-cut, backless, shoulder to today’s high-slit, simple dress is always in the details of the design at the pursuit of change.  The purpose is very simple, just to make women more sexy, more elegant, more beautiful.  Live in the spotlight, all day, accompanied with the dress, fashion stars are more inclined to not miss this new story unfolds legs moment.  Now, let’s take a look at how the actress who is to grasp the latest sexy barelegged popular!

From low chest , halter, shoulder to today’s high-slit, simple dress is always in the detail design to pursue change.  The purpose is very simple, just to make women more sexy , more elegant, more beautiful.  Live in the spotlight, all day, accompanied with the dress, fashion stars are more inclined to not miss this new story unfolds legs moment.  Now, let’s take a look at how the actress who is to grasp the latest sexy barelegged popular it!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Significant fresh early spring fashion retro windbreaker

Introduction: the spring is beautiful, the sun is as gentle as possible, but this season the wind is not a good mother to provoke the call of the typhoon season are bound to notice to the coat closet in the spring of this year is to come up with things by the book windbreaker. or Amoy favorite retro small coat to dress themselves?

Qingming small holiday in front of, and plans are well? An appropriate coat is bound to travel essential, Black Tee, + hot pants , simple random, yellow frock complex archaic clothing with a casual , simple diagonal packet one that is, fully.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Clever take loose denim jacket to cover the meat Slim street Fan

Introduction: red denim jacket burst this spring, so the cowboy was a bit busy, if you are a “die-hard Cowboys fans”, then you can not miss the denim jacket, do not pick the body color, as long as you like, with sportswear Ye Hao dresses worth mentioning or leisure, or wild, sexy, fascinating and charming.

The denim jacket in addition to sports and leisure style , which take a single product can shape a different shape.  This denim short jacket mashups Polka Dot dress is particularly sweet, with a coat of light blue and bright yellow socks , and campus wind innocent feeling.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Long-sleeved dress, elegant retro show ladies flair

After a spring rain, the warmth is getting stronger, how to wear clothing with a sexy and stylish this spring, how to make the skirt flying? Recommend several star favorite long-sleeved dress, so that the beauty of the influx of women who can look stylish and sweet, this spring!

Anne Hathaway transparent white lace shirt dress, a white show people show an enchanting feeling, could not help lamenting the original white can be so sexy! The delicate lace is elegant, with red high heels a little rebellious sexy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 leggings let you keep fashionable

No matter the season how to transform a variety of leggings filled the streets of fashion. Say that wearing a pair of leggings is not difficult, but if leggings will appear to be normal when the collision to the ordinary leggings and leopard, lace and other elements together, people were filled with wonders. And because more and more fashionable design, leggings have become the magic weapon to attract people’s eyes.

Attached to classic black white lace, rich feminine tough and gentle contrast to the collision. Very simple black and white color, lace, some will be very conspicuous, the upper body with matter how you choose.
Red and black stitching leggings are High Street feeling full range of children, even the big stars of today’s hard to resist. Black stitching part of the design in the rear of the leg, the leg type has been the most perfect modification.
A simple underwear classic plaid color all integrated together, whether it is a bigger way of the English children or college wind can to interpret. Upper body with the emphasis can be placed on the shirt and jacket, then embark on a pair of high motorcycle boots, handsome feminine can not stop.
The high saturation of orange tights to seize the eye, against the background of the bright colors, loose long section of the shirt of dark lines and handsome motorcycle boots into the essential mix.

Knee on the opening designed not only as a modification of the originally straight leggings change some fold, play a modified legs have effect. The gray shallow, it is recommended that beauties had upper body wearing black high lacing boots also make the legs look more slender!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Essential shirt in spring, actresses teach you how to wear out star flair

Seeing the footsteps of spring is getting closer, is the time to sort out their own wardrobe. The shirts are essential in every spring a single product, whether you want to go to Europe and the United States wind, the Japanese OL wind or small fresh wind, and think about without it. Here come take a look at the female stars who showed off what the new shirt, maybe which will be your favorite!

Yang Mi white shirt perspective section this year is still very popular, especially because the rivet on the collar , have been random and simple style to add a little personality.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Collocation regulation in early spring, most hot dress style

Sport shoes + slim trousers + shirt + sweater, seasonal tide began to jump to such a basic law of Korean girls a lot of variety of sports shoes, jeans, leggings, skirts, all join sports with the ranks, if you do not have you really fail! Comfortable movement of the wind is unable to resist the dress, so this spring how to dress, look here!

Friday, March 16, 2012

White Day is subversion confession day, wearing charming dresses

March 14 White Day can definitely called confession day. His sincere invitation to absolutely make you excited. But what to wear appointment only enough to display the charm of a woman? This spring to a particularly romantic lace, printing absolute and dresses one myself!
Slim Dress will bump causing the curve to show the white is more pure and charming. Regardless of blue prints or stripes , the official show level. Silver hand bag, nude color heels are very safe with a single product.

Pink miniskirt is particularly popular in the days of dating. How can the popular calico shirts with this season , a young vibrant girl image not let his heart.
Printing performance retro flavor, with significant independence slender waist of the woman of the 1950s, NEW LOOK reproduction. Match the to bunt jacket, pointed heels turned trendy pretty girl.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

London Fashion Week street beat, gorgeous calico

The gorgeous London Fashion Week, how can there are no calico? Regardless of taking a rather OL style black suit, woolen coat, or punk feeling leather jacket outside, match the fashion calico trousers, skirts inside, this style has a mix match feeling, and it is worth learning; sweet floral silk shirt, even if exposed abstract calico can immediately to reveal your graceful temperament.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Shawl in the ancient age

Wearing a diamond necklace portrait painting famous paintings of the most central, is a gorgeous shawl. Cape from the long, wide coat, shoulder consists of two Two pins fixed times now, each period is a woman of love. Let us be traced back to the 17th century look back at the history of the shawl.We talked about from the portrait wearing a diamond necklace, the painting is the creation of the famous painter Ingres 1805, the most central in the painting, a Chinese Korea’s shawl.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Capture show off style! More pictures of Chinese actress

Minimalist style HuoSiYan shot during the Paris Fashion Week Street photo shoot exposure. HuoSiYan as the only one invited to the debut Fashion Week Opening Dinner Chinese actress, by the Paris Fashion Week, President Didiergrumbacah particularly welcome. And invited to a big show of the 2012 autumn and winter appearance more than first-tier brands. Exposure Street beat HuoSiYan photographed with light makeup and iconic retro red lips, wide belt and retro sunglasses become the biggest highlight of the two sets of simple style street shooting. The streets of Paris, although there are chill, HuoSiYan face bright smile makes advance appreciate the abundant spring fashion capital of Paris.

Following the Chinese actress “occupation” of the major International Film Festival red carpet, Winter 2012 Paris Fashion Week has also been “captured”! This year went to Paris to see the show and chief show “Chinese actress than in previous years, Zhou Xun, Chen Yao HuoSiYan, Kitty Zhang, Lu Lu, Angelababy, Lin Peng, Zhu Zhu …… We edit summary of the most comprehensive and most detailed actress Street beat you to capture the style of the show off.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

OL spring planning fashionable play pretty to pay tribute to the 3.8

March 8th will mark the festival of the women themselves. Whether you are beautiful or not, but has nothing to do with the mind is good or bad, for you women proud! Elaborate dress to make you confident, face new challenges. The glamorous actress Street, tailored the OL spring planning, printing, lace, stitching stylish to pay tribute to 3.8.

The work of the day a woman will never give up the right dress . Is the case this season to wear clothing in March and early spring atmosphere. Printed nine colorful pants , with a dark suit coat , clear layer filling the female generous temperament. Try inside the ride rigid shirt replaced by fluorescent T-shirts and lively atmosphere make you even more dynamic!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring album – a super charm of the cowboy “toxic”

Introduction: Since its introduction, the Cowboys would have never been subjected to cold.  Maybe the Cowboys really toxic, as long as the pass through are addictive.  To see the street shooting star celebrity endorsements, denim is sexy figure the best spokesman.

Luo girlfriend naked upper body sexy endorsement of a brand denim , whether trousers or shorts are too hot then.  (This article is reproduced from Netease)

Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion circles four ICON seasonal clothing styles the same suction eye

Introduction: the fashion circles will always need the Icon!  A piece of modern China and the United States of clothing because every fashionable soul, becomes a vivid style up!

Is continuous hot or budding the host, are highly sought after because of their personality and style! This single product showcase specially selected four different styles of it girl as a template, refer to their fashionable street shooting with , in this winter and the transfer of the season season, the most dazzling street look worth considering!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shirt + sweater season to take the early spring, with the unspoken rules

Introduction: shirts, sweaters spring with the highest rate of a single product, the combination of more praise! Retro outfit, the queen of European style, High Street, are showing off the best partner of the gas field, solid + solid color or printed fluorescent take a look at it!

Floral shirt , full of small fresh taste, sleek round neck to the retro shape and lay a foundation, with a high waist shorts , careful echoed up and down in the boots and hats are shorts, a dark red cardigan sweater can quickly a bright spot.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Yao Chen,Maggie Cheung,huosiyan, the trend of the IT Girl showdown!Paris Fashion Week with huge stars debut

Paris Fashion Week can be said that four international fashion weeks in the most “lively” a drama!IT Girl is not only popular and fashion circles biggest names gathered, the Chinese star rushed to show drying clothes, to pose.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Gao Yuanyuan Milan Fashion Week modeling series

Winter 2012 Milan Fashion Week ended!  Fire a high-round, not only because she is the only Chinese actress to show up to see the 7 days to see the show, LOOK, and will conquer the public eye.  We carefully inventory, Gao Yuanyuan Milan Fashion Week modeling large Jiedi!

Miss Gao Yuanyuan of the famous actor was invited to attend the 2012 autumn and winter fashion show in Milan Fashion Week, Max Mara. She dressed in autumn and winter series rose red coats, Max Mara latest 2012 debut outside the sweet yet elegant styling instantly attracted national media coverage denied numerous film.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

HuoSiYan in Paris Fashion Week elegant retro look at the Guy Laroche show

Paris, February 29th, Huo Siyan debut of this year’s Paris Fashion Week, the first Chinese actress to watch Guy Laroche autumn and winter show.

The day before, she was invited by the official Paris Fashion Week as the only Chinese actress, attended the opening dinner.  Guy Laroche show floor, HuoSiYan be arranged in the front row of the most important VIP seating area, attracted a large number of media queuing up to interview camera.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Lim YoonA leads the korean women’s fashion trend in spring

Introduction: From the New Year holidays to a busy working day, a variety suited to hit all, let alone you look well, the waist is getting rough, not to mention that “year” wording.  Have to admit that The girl one year older. Popularity is booming girlhood, Lin Yun children pointing, South Korea’s first pure beauty of dressing, to allow the spring to get rid of to show their age group!

The nine members of the Korean combination of girlhood all sing and dance vigorously sought after by 90.  Lin Yun children as the main lead dancer, the more pure side to win the fan favorite.  New Year in addition to the joy of the New Year, do not forget your age again silently growth.  To keep pace with the the girlhood forest allow children to explore South Korea MM pretending tricks.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

5 match the new rule, fat girl dealing with thick legs no pressure

Introduction: spring sunshine passionate, even if the temperature ups and downs but the girls on spring heat again and again heating up Oh!  Shirt, skirt, stockings … Western style single product how to escape the curse of the thick legs?  Help the girl to raise the five major “strange” trick, chubby girl back beautiful, thick legs, no pressure .

Clothing to help the girl, with a keen fashion sense typical are women, regardless of classic black and white ash or the trend of red, green and purple, so that women look stylish Fun classic is my motto.

Found that your proposed mix of good Oh! very envious.  I would like you to help me and my height 164CM, weight 58KG, waist obvious, thick thighs and buttocks.  Does not match the clothes , and hope you will give me some suggestions, let me back confidence.
                                                            User: wei_88538196

Fashion to help the girl “nagging”:
the girl always love the scintillating colors of a single product, we must remember that not all of your favorite things on weekdays with the use of The needs of the occasion, the body to meet is the dress with a key consideration!
Under the preceding paragraph of harem pants, narrow profile shape hips and thighs can help weaken the visual crawl degrees. 2012 spring models will add the harem pants waist design, improve the waistline but also lines of elongated legs, with flower and bird designs shirts, retro stylish step!