Friday, March 9, 2012

Fashion circles four ICON seasonal clothing styles the same suction eye

Introduction: the fashion circles will always need the Icon!  A piece of modern China and the United States of clothing because every fashionable soul, becomes a vivid style up!

Is continuous hot or budding the host, are highly sought after because of their personality and style! This single product showcase specially selected four different styles of it girl as a template, refer to their fashionable street shooting with , in this winter and the transfer of the season season, the most dazzling street look worth considering!

Taylor from his debut to now the hot extent have been increasing and last year, whether it is the scenery first place on the American Music Awards, Bill boa rd prize presentation ceremony.  Road success outside of music, this chick recently also increasingly find their own style of dress , sweet and fresh young girls line become the object imitated.
Fashionable killer
A variety of College Wind waist skirt striped shirt
Flat oxford shoes fresh nude makeup retro red lips

Fearne nice street shot is really flying, the eye-catching shape of the British female anchor is not fuel-efficient lights in the fashion throughout 2011, the whole world to see her, the absolute model for it girl! to see if the trend I believe that will only increase in 2012!
Fashionable killer
Retro round glasses, clear lines of suit and pencil pants, flat shoes

The sister is really very, very red!  Shine in the fashion week as a professional model , the maverick style set tough wild and enchanting, with a people never forget.  Recently Lafayette phase, to become the spokesmen of the boy chane l handbags!
 Fashionable killer
Wild animal prints tough jacket hole fishnet stockings
 Neutral yin and yang, head smoked makeup leopard eye makeup

In the hot social networking you could not remember her, that believe that the recent broadcast of The Dragon Tattoo girls will definitely give you amazing!  Have to say as coming it girl, her refined style extremely strange to stand out a camel to exist.
Fashionable killer:
Mosaic coat minimalist lines and innovative structure
The tri-color black and white nude Qi Liu children with neutral makeup

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