Sunday, March 18, 2012

Collocation regulation in early spring, most hot dress style

Sport shoes + slim trousers + shirt + sweater, seasonal tide began to jump to such a basic law of Korean girls a lot of variety of sports shoes, jeans, leggings, skirts, all join sports with the ranks, if you do not have you really fail! Comfortable movement of the wind is unable to resist the dress, so this spring how to dress, look here!

Wild denim dress, if not particularly light color, Sapphire’s letter sets the first sweater level match, exposing add some retro feeling of a small collar, holes do old overalls rolled up his trouser legs nine points with gray sports shoes wild pink cap and blue collision, immediately reflects the small young beauty.

The overall use of the basic models with the effect of stitching is self-evident, white shirt + sweater of mixed colors , slightly longer than the shirt with the nature of exposed edge of the rolled up pants echo the elongated legs curve effect, visual a sense of very comfortable shoes and hats echo is very praise!

The use of color is a very easy way with the law! White Tee + blue hole Slim cowboy, must achieve the effect of significantly thin, pretty shoes! Lovely, echoes the color of the collision and sports jacket, a hat adds a lovely degrees so that the dress had an outing, keep them coming back is unusual.

The feeling of this body with movement is very fashionable! The same basic primer, smoke gray leggings, colorful, fresh and lovable, long coat of orange frock biggest feature is the decoration of the metal zipper, simple and handsome white handbag appears to the Lady.

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