Sunday, June 3, 2012

Chiffon shirt OUT! Comfortable cotton T-shirt and wild

Introduction: after the beginning of summer, the choice of clothes is also very important addition to the beautiful and comfortable!  Summer sweat easily, perhaps a lot of people would breathable clothes the first place!  So this time chiffon shirt may not be a good choice, more people favor comfortable cotton paragraph clothes, now look at the Xiaobian recommended.

The casual charm of a single product ! lovely prints in the chest , the shoulder of the hollow was also designed to attract the eye, with jeans or skirts to wear very praise!

Simple T-shirt , comfortable and longer sleeves loose, natural drape!

Ultra back styling with charm, shoulder and side of the fabric cross-cutting suture back sexy charm index of the UP! shoulder natural bundle fold, highlighting the feminine temperament.

Big wave designs, the fabric is thin, wear will feel very cool and oh!

Lightweight, clean and pure, top fabric in front with a lace fabric, very romantic T-shirt , put on seemed like smock .

Relaxed version of the type of printing T-shirt , like a beautiful watercolor shoulder hollow design, the effect of significantly thin.

Cute girl picture printing T-shirts , thin and loose spring and summer, and now began to be able to wear Oh, the basic models version of type design, simple wild !

Touch great cotton T, the basic round neck pocket T Oh, naturally wild , but also very feminine.

Cute printing T- tiger printed in front of the chest is very lively too! overbearing!

Section has the collar and sleeves hollow black rivets mosaic, increasingly the trend of fashion sleeve hollow part of the very significant arms slender.

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