Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shu Qi is the most sparkling of red carpet stars bright Awards

Introduction: The red carpet is dark and can not hide the bright starlight, as the gradual decline of the Hong Kong film still implies infinite vitality.  Street shot of the Chinese star, often insane, was able to rely on a strong team of modeling, usually pulled one back on the red carpet. This time 2012 Hong Kong Film Awards red carpet by a subject on the microblogging Shu Qi come out on top, with the performance of other actress!

Red List Top1 Shu Qi

The Armani the Pr ive dress skirt has always been a red carpet jersey class of essential, Shu Qi this time select the 2012 spring and summer to outline a variety of cocoon-shaped outline of the beauty of the women-specific curves patchwork with sequins to looming visual effects, retro hair and red lips makeup against the background of each other, to create a retro full of flavor without losing the exquisite caused by body type.

Red List Top2 CoCo

Wrinkled heap layer upon layer to create a rich texture to the design of the waist like a girdle-like curve, diamond embellishment just right.

Red List Top3 Angelababy

The Angelababy select a zero error, Elie the Saab 2012 spring and summer series , clothing , hair and makeup are almost zero error, but the lack of fresh.

Red list Top4 Gui Lun Mei

Small fresh spokesman for the faction, Guey Lun Mei wearing Bottega Veneta 2012 spring and summer series of United States service, organdy material transparent to light, elegant beauty revealed between the level winding attractive tones of the skirt is a little too heavy choose the colors of high brightness, such as water pink, cream, ice cream colors will bring a sweet and pleasant texture.

The Top5 Yang Mi

Fishtail gown of white scales from the Lan Yu qualified to bring out the simple texture of the shape itself, although it is slightly dull, but progress than all kinds of dress on the Fashion Week , as well as space continues to rise.

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