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Three color trip type: interpretation of the world’s 8 most popular resort

Introduction: busy saying goes: a person’s life, at least two impulses, the time of selfless love, a trip to stay away.  For love, a lot of people in their lives in the pursuit of love and be loved the way changing role.  Selfless kind of courage is an obsession, but helpless love can not be replaced.

Green vane movement to hold a city’s vitality

The city of Manchester is well-known because of the ball
Recommended Route: St. Peter’s Square → Lowry Centre → North Point → Kadoya → Manchester United Football Club
To spend time: 3 days
Manchester is Britain’s fourth largest city, located in northwest England, and its total urban population in the United Kingdom ranked second only to London.  Manchester is a model of urban renewal, one can see from here the history of British industrial development.  It was the pioneer of the Industrial Revolution, and now, it has long been away from that part of the steam and sweat the years, but stepped into the dress fashionable gatherings tiles youth or everywhere.
In addition to the impressive pace of development, people fascinated by Manchester because of its team – precisely because of the “Red Devils” Manchester United, Manchester became world famous for its football and one of the city.  Had the big star of David Beckham, Manchester United football team, has become the most world-known mark in Manchester.

Along the bright spot

In Manchester, the chorus of “Come on Red Devils” at any time may have erupted in the streets of Manchester, one block will be followed by dancing.
Multiplied by light rail, get off at Old Trafford, which can go to the Manchester United football club, fans can pick a red scarf.  And then by bus to reach the “Theatre of Dreams – Old Trafford.  It is said that if prior not to buy season tickets for the whole ball game, you never expect to watch a Manchester United game.
Travel Tips:
Manchester humid climate, the average annual precipitation of 809 mm precipitation lasted longer but the intensity of precipitation, uncommon for a few minutes of heavy rains, so carry rain gear necessary. Whatever the season or the weather in Manchester travel is very convenient, but from April to September is the best season to visit.

Created the myth of the streets of New York basketball

Recommended route: Rucker Park → Central Park → Rockefeller Center → Statue of Liberty like → New YorkNew York Museum of Modern Art, Metropolitan Museum of Art
To spend time: 3 days

New York has been the world believe that heaven and hell in one of the city, it was built in 1624, the City, under the jurisdiction of the State of New York under the jurisdiction of the five boroughs.  New York is the financial and economic center in the entire United States, the largest city, the port and most populous city, is also the largest city in the world, in the four traditional “global city” on top.
Wall Street in Lower Manhattan after World War II dominated the world of international financial, the New York Stock Exchange is also located here.  In fact, in addition to the economy and crime rates, New York is a city of vibrant movement.  Speaking of street basketball, I must mention is the Manhattan, New York’s West 4th Street and Rucker Park in Harlem, the two regions has created a lot of street basketball heroes and myths.

Along the bright spot

Rucker Park in Harlem created a lot of street basketball heroes and myths, the famous “goat” Earl Magny Coulter is one of them, perhaps the scenery of this park can not be comparable with other places of interest, but if love street basketball culture, then this place non-must-see, because here every day to gather countless basketball fans.
Located in midtown Manhattan’s Rockefeller Center, while the Christmas tree and skating rink, “the summit of steep stone viewing platform, Radio City Music Hall and numerous shopping centers and restaurants known.
Travel Tips:
Do not forget to hang around in this fast-paced world, heaven or hell, do not take the subway alone at night, try to go to the high population concentration, custody of valuables to carry.

Pink vane to those people most exciting and romantic

Feelings of romantic Paris with an umbrella
The route recommended: the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphe → → Louvre, Champs Elysees, → → Notre Dame, the Palace of Versailles → → Seine → love the wall
To spend time: About 2 to 3 days
Although Paris and pink and no real contact, but the famous “do not love Jiangshan love beauty” in the history of the Trojan prince Paris and Paris with the same name, somewhere has the city of Paris covered with a layer of romantic color .
The world to marry the highest rate of urban Paris is a true romantic.  The lines of the Eiffel Tower in hardness with softness, the Seine River cafe, flower shop leisurely tourists, ancient streets everywhere … have to say, Parisians are lucky, this is an art intertwined with the history of the city.  Whenever been to Paris and unconditionally in love with the city to fall in love with her fashion, fall in love with her culture, more in love with her romantic.

Along the bright spot

The Eiffel Tower is a landmark of Paris, built in 1889, has maintained the world’s tallest building record 40 years, the romantic Parisian tower to take a beautiful name – “Cloud in Munv,”.
But if you value the romance of Paris and the Seine and the love wall is worth a careful look.  The Seine flows through Paris, the city is divided into two, forming the left bank and right bank.  Declared the romance of Paris is located in a small park in the north of the city of Paris Montmartre hillside love wall is one of the most special way to the world: 311 kinds of languages ​​written on the same theme – I love you.  In which about 40 square meters by 511 deep blue rectangular brick brick walls, countless lovers embrace, kissing.
Travel Tips:
Office de Tourisme。 Arrived in Paris, the first to patronize the Tourist Information Office de Tourisme.  This information is in the Champs Elysees No. 127, with a central office, can not only help visitors make an appointment Hotel, but also to answer the questions raised by all visitors, and gift map, hotels guide.  In Paris, the weather is a factor that can not be ignored.  Paris Four Seasons mild climate, the summer maximum temperature rarely exceeds 25 ° C, minimum temperature in winter is usually also more than 0 ℃.  But at least a month more than one-third of the day it will rain. Therefore, carry an umbrella is necessary.

Venice sigh bridge hand kiss

Recommended route: Grand Canal → Government House → → St. Mark’s Square → Bridge of Sighs, St. Mark’s Cathedral → Murano → the Burano → Lee Island
To spend time: 3 days
Venice, born romantic.  If we say that everyone is a lifetime dream trip to Paris, Parisian life dreaming of where to go? Yes, that is VeniceVenice consists of 118 islands and 177 waterways, 401 bridges fused, connected to the boat, “Water City”, “Castle”, “Bridge City”, said the world’s only car of the city.
“Born of water, water, water Xing” Venice, the best interpretation.  Venetian style is always the “water”, the Roadway meandering flow ha, as if floating in the blue romantic dream.  Multiplied by a unique tip the boat gondola, shuttle being called the world’s most beautiful cities, you will feel the romance of the world probably the case.

Along the bright spot

Piazza San Marco is Venice landmark, had been Napoleon called “the world’s most beautiful living room.  Bridge of Sighs is sealed arch construction, only through the bridge window from the inside looking out, connect it at both ends of the court and the prison, on death row through this bridge, often before the execution moment, because lamented the end of life derived names.
Today, the Bridge of Sighs also add a romantic.  It is said to Venice, be sure to ride the gondola; ride the gondola couple, be sure to go through the Bridge of Sighs, and kissing under the bridge, so that two people for life are not separate.
Travel Tips:
Some important attractions in Venice is a religious space, and can not wear sleeveless, shorts, or bare-chested, clothes, or they will not enter. Rolling Venice Card, The age of 14 to 29 years old, visitors can purchase the Rolling Venice Card, and enjoy the discount for accommodation, shopping, transportation, and visit museums.  As long as the possession of a passport and a color photo can apply for this discount card in a variety of shops.
3 Tourism Bureau office in the heart of Venice: train station office, St. Mark’s Square at the 71 floors of office, the Pavilion the Venice office, doubt or difficulties encountered in traveling, can be taken to three places for help.

Occur at any time of the Roman love story

Recommended Route: → Piazza Navona to the ancient Roman Colosseum – Trevi Fountain → the mouth of truth → Rome Vatican Museum → Raphael exhibition room → Bolugeze Park → wave race Museum of Art → flowers Square → Spain Square → Vatican
To spend time: 3 days
ROMA reversed written AMOR is the Latin meaning of “love”.  Rome, has 2,500 years of history, has been regarded as the “City City”, is a veritable city of love.  Roma spirit and people eager to get the same love that is eternal.
It is worth mentioning is that Rome, the beautiful clouds, indeed a good place is prone to the story.  Speeding, riding a motorcycle around the street and you think of “Roman Holiday” romantic, ancient Arena, stronghold of the international fashion brand FENDI, spiritual and material co-exist, civilization and the modern intersection of Rome exudes a unique romantic atmosphere.
Rome is a treasure house of art, cultural city, accounting for 40% of the urban area of ​​the ancient Roman city has a large-scale Roman architectural and artistic treasures, the most widely covers an area of ​​Italy, the most populous city.

Along the bright spot

Trevi Fountain, also known as the Trevi Fountain, the world’s largest Baroque fountain.  Rome is a beautiful legend, his back to the fountain from above shoulder to throw a coin into the pool, have the opportunity to re-visit to Rome.  Many tourists lined up inside a coin toss is fascinated by the city proof of the fountain.
The name of the Fountain of Trevi is the mean of the three forks in the road, because the fountain in front of the outward extension of the three roads, it is also a fountain origin of the name.  Rome, not the Vatican is a pity that the Vatican is the world’s smallest sovereign state, is the world’s least populated country in the northwest corner of the Italian capital city of Rome, the Vatican high ground, surrounded by the border with Italy, a country ” .
Travel Tips:
Rome regular taxis are white or yellow.  Rarely see Kongshi taxi in the streets of Rome, a fixed stop in airports, railway stations, attractions and downtown square, you can also telephone appointment, but the fare from the starting date.  Rome also has a “black car”, swindling thing most of these black cars do, so take the initiative to come to solicit business drivers should be especially vigilant. The central railway station, a bank and some of the money-changers, the other at the Fiumicino airport, currency exchange and ATMs.

Blue sky and blue sea, blue vane bored all sent packing

The Seychelles barefoot walk through the golden sands
Recommended Route: Victoria → small bell → National Botanic Garden → May Valley → Beau Vallon beach
To spend time: 3 days
Seychelles is located in eastern Africa, Indian Ocean, known as “paradise on Earth”.  Blue sky, clear water, sun, beach, sea breeze …… Seychelles has an island nation, should have, or even more.  Seychelles the total population of just over 80,000, but a collection of Europe, Africa, Asia and throughout the blood, and gave birth to a black, white, yellow, brown, brown, every color of the crowd.
Three major Big Island of Mahe, Praslin Island, La Digue Island, the whole territory of more than 50% of the area is designated a nature reserve, enjoy a tourists’ paradise “, but also travelers to called “the Garden of Eden on Earth”.
Seychelles did not suffer too much damage to the airport next to the hills, and even the air has a tropical rainforest taste.  It is like a a maritime wonderful, in a kaleidoscope, showing the rich colors and complex look.

Along the bright spot

If we say that the Seychelles is a paradise on earth, May Valley is the paradise of the Garden of Eden.  May Valley is located in the center of Praslin Island is the world’s smallest natural heritage, an area of ​​19.5 hectares.  Known for more than 7000 trees of the sea coconut trees.  Sea coconut Seychelles national treasure, its peculiar is that the public trees and mother trees are always side-by-side growth, but the roots but intertwined.
Said that if a cut, another line will die for love died.  Seychelles the most famous, the most attractive or the golden beaches.  Ranked third in the world Beau Vallon beach 4 km long, fine sand, the sea was dark green, light green, dark blue, light blue, four-color extends to the horizon, very beautiful.
Travel Tips:
Seychelles archipelago nation, a lot of road, mountain site, visitors need to bring motion sickness motion sickness pills, Fengyoujing.  Seychelles, year-round hot weather, it is recommended to bring along a thin summer clothing, SPF of not less than 30 sunscreen, hat, sunglasses and other supplies are necessary.
Should be noted that the beaches of the Seychelles is difficult to find the bathroom, if there is a beach trip, it is recommended that a friend likes to swim in a hotel in advance to swimsuit wear.  With other local hotels, Seychelles hotels are not prepared toiletries, dental equipment, slippers, bring your own.  Tipping is not mandatory, to the generation of luggage porter can give 25 rupees (two dollars), cleaning hotel rooms according to local customs and practices € 1 per room per day.

Intimate contact of the Maldives and the sea

Recommended route: Sun Island → Laguna → the Kani → Neverland → Paradise Island
To spend time: 5 days
Located in South Asia, Maldives, an island in the Indian Ocean by the 26 natural atolls, 1192 coral islands, located in the sea area of ​​90,000 square kilometers, is the world’s largest coral island.
Maldives north to south through the columns of the equator, forming a long Keys archipelago zone. The area is not more than two square kilometers of a coral reef island, even if it is, commercial center and capital of Male, the area of ​​only 1.8 square kilometers, walk around the island just 40 minutes.
Over 1000 islands in Maldives are formed because the ancient undersea volcanic eruptions, and some central protuberance as sand dunes, some central subsidence into the atoll ring, decorated in green-blue Indian Ocean, it is truly beautiful, like a string of precious stones .  Board a small aircraft flying to the Maldives over the bird’s eye view of the sea, the mouth from the cabin to see the island such as garlands dotted.

Along the bright spot

The casual atmosphere of the tourist attractions throughout the Maldives all operating out of a resort island and a restaurant, because each island is an independent hotel operators developed an island, a hotel has become a unique tourist culture in the Maldives.  Maldives has a lot of beach houses and water house.
Open the door of the beach house, on the front of the beach, as long as the interest to, ready to jump into the sea, chasing or feeding the colorful tropical fish. Looking at the white clouds blue sky or a starry night sky, feel the return to natural quiet.  In addition to look at the sea swim off the island as an archipelago country, the Maldives, water sports entertainment is also very colorful, diving is the best choice, as well as the water, surfing, windsurfing and other exciting sports.
Travel Tips:
Islam the state religion in the Maldives, there are many religious practices, such as temperance, fasting, such as pork.  Do not greet with local women or handle.  Men can not wear shorts into the mosque, while the women can not wear skirts above the knee and short-sleeved shirt to bare arms.
To consult residents in the island of tourism related to customs and other issues, but they do not like everything Root asked the end.  In the Maldives, and the charity is a very common phenomenon, or may not be welcome and being looked down on.  Maldives ban nude beaches, such as heavy fines, and forbade the wearing swimwear in the restaurant.

Bali look at Jimbaran beach sunset

The route recommended: Kuta Beach, Jimbaran → Ubud → Sea Temple → → Quan Temple
To spend time: 3 days
Bali is Indonesia’s islands, is located in the Lesser Sunda Islands and the western end, roughly diamond-shaped, spindle to the west. The island area of ​​approximately 5623 square kilometers, a population of about 247 million.  Lying east to low in the west, mountains, transcontinental, there are more than 10 volcanic cones.  Because the tropics, and affected by ocean climate, Bali climate mild and rainy, the soil is very fertile, the Four Seasons lies to the million flowers, towering trees.  Bali sex life to spend, always decorated with flowers, Bali, there are “Island of Flowers”, “South China Sea Paradise”, “Fairy Island” reputation.
The residents are mostly Hindu Bali, Indonesia’s only Hindu place.  Local believers at home has a family temple, and family composition of the communities temple in the village of the village temple, the island temples more than 125,000 seats.
Along the bright spot

Jimbaran Beach is famous for its special beauty of the sunset and Fisherman’s operations Bali as a whole the most kind of a beach.  Where the fisherman is still using the ancient simplicity of a small canoe out to sea.  Bali Tanah Lot cover in a rock, on the beach, it is one of Bali’s most famous temples.  High tide, the four weeks of the temple was surrounded by sea, land completely isolated at low tide before the same.
Kuta is known as the most beautiful beaches in Bali.  The beaches here are flat, white sand, fine, play surfing, skateboarding park.  Near a bustling commercial street, a mix of traditional handicrafts and national costume show, and there are large department stores.  In addition, dance is a major feature of the Bali tourism.

In Bali, dance is not a form of entertainment, but a communion with God.  Many of the local dance in Bali, and distinctive, such as the welcome dance must first played by the girls lined up, holding flowers welcome guests in the dance in the hands of flowers, sprinkling the crowd.
Travel Tips:
Bali is a religion, so many need to pay attention to details of the religious, such as access to the temple may not wear shorts or skirts need to calmly walked free rental salon and belt; photographed in a ritual celebration, not standing bow down to pray front of a crowd, nor able to flash photography priest; do not touch any children head.  Shooting the locals a good idea to get permission, on the one hand, respect, Furthermore, to avoid controversy after demanding fees.
In Bali, the left hand is considered unclean, and contact with people as much as possible with the right hand.  Bali, lack of medicine, located in the tropics mosquitoes more than go to travel should be prepared ready commonly used drugs, anti-mosquito cream and sunscreen.  Bali driving, walking on the left side, and China should pay attention to compliance.

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