Sunday, April 8, 2012

The influx of women and essential style spring mix and match

Introduction: spring, you will choose what clothing to dress it?  Suits, trench coat or the dress?  In fact, no matter what kind of spring, we need to have some with skills can wear clothing with a fashion sense.  The woman wanted to tide, take a look at the following paragraphs dress, personalized mashups to wear clothing with their own style.

Beige windbreaker jacket + dress

The cream-colored long coat jacket, casual relaxed version of the type, simple and neat, fresh and stylish .  Spring clothes for the long section of the dress with the best, however, coupled with gray leggings , leopard shoes, full of personality.

Army green jacket + Stripe Tank Dress

The Army green coat, the biggest bright spot is that the design of the hem, irregular hem, in particular individual, with black and white striped vest, skirt, the same irregular hem, particularly personality.

Pink windbreaker + shorts

Sweet and lovely pink coat , colorful spring is necessary to defeat a light-colored clothes Oh, matte finish to the feeling, take the white T-shirt to wear shorts, canvas shoes , stylish fashion .

Khaki jacket + leggings

Casual and loose khaki jacket, really popular Oh, simple and wild, the design of the collar, upper body a kind of feeling of the big.  Inside the ride a white T-shirt to wear gray leggings, thin self-cultivation.

Plaid shirt + skirt Pompon

This body with the breath of the kind of College Wind and classic unbeaten charming retro plaid shirt to wear on the body fresh and cute.  Coupled with the blue Pompon skirt, light blue stockings, and great fashion sense .

Strap jeans + Letter T-shirt

Strap jeans are particularly significant and lovely, like the girls of this tone may wish to try this personality jeans, is also very good with very nice , simple letters white T-shirt and canvas shoes .

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