Monday, April 30, 2012

Rolling up jeans this way appears tall and slim

All year round, popular jeans, how can you lack of one, does not go the sweet route, you want more whims and cool and spicy, then the jeans are absolutely essential! Jeans mix and match nine points, autumn is very prevalent, can also mix and match of the season, the practical joker, jeans to add some new elements, so you are more shark!

Slim feet jeans, very comfortable to wear, washed colors are very natural, good effect was thin.

Chic worn the skinny jeans, gray line with the simplicity of black and white striped shirt to show the young state of more mature mm with is also very suitable.

Pure blue body with the people feel bold and will not become monotonous, narrow pants casual round neck tee mix and match nine minutes length shape also appears to be very playful.

Has been a classic gray color feet jeans, gray and black is more natural, a lot of MM only love such kind of color, they are willing to purchase.

Until the trousers are also collected version, deep tone, thin effect coupled with the suit also seemed natural to self-cultivation.

The same nine points of the length of the narrow pants, cultivating excellent results, mix and match bright shoes, eye-catching high degree and leopard overcoats combination allows this dress is the atmosphere and stylish.

Like the deep tones mm must not miss this shape, strong atmospheric black shoulder shirt and jeans are very self-cultivation of style, coupled with high-heeled shoes look very slender legs.

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