Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hardcore refined Fashion control the influx of white shirt

Introduction: The classic white shirt can be free and easy are free, and even handsome, retro and even OL style can come in handy, open with actress Emma Roberts, Miranda Kerr, and Blake Lively’s wardrobe, and look at them is how to manage the various types of distribution accessories, to create a personalized and unique image!

The best example: Emma Roberts

U.S. new generation of actors, the niece of Julia Roberts

Lace design to bring a more detailed black and white tones with a retro flavor and velvet high heels for the visual and touch have double enjoyment, and shirts with each other against the background of more conspicuous head of the elegant mean.

The best example: Miranda Kerr

Sweetheart supermodel

How the shirt jeans with a sexy ? shallow soft-top cap can help to a lot of busy, seemingly random roll up the cuffs, suede boots are a casual but refined dress to sway the unique taste of neat.

The best example: Elizabeth Ol sen

U.S. new generation of actors, Ol sen the Twins sister

Close the cut wide leg pants, white shirt to create a straight body effect, gradient color sunglasses with the highlights, so that the shape of multi-layered and fresh tune.

The best example: Blake Lively

Popular U.S. drama “Gossip Girl” heroine

See-Through-style white shirt for the modeling is undoubtedly add a lot of sexy taste, metal Color miniskirt and necklace and interactive, full of temptation nor the lack of a refined sense.

The best example: Fearne Cotton

The beauty of the British BBC Radio host, Street beat Reds

The same translucent visual effects, long necklace , with a pointed high-heeled shoes to highlight the extension, more slender body that cause.

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