Monday, April 2, 2012

Korean Street shot list! Denim jacket + skirt the most popular

Introduction: denim jacket, believed to be essential in your wardrobe, a single product, and early spring to pick up the jeans, the classic single product in the middle of the fashion people, blue jeans, a natural leisure and street sense, plus details embellishment, holes, printing, and it is free to the property for those who like casual street shooting style girls let them go, cowboy fashion this year is playing out fresh style?  Follow the interpretation of our lens to see the streets.
Type version of a denim jacket , the washing process handled very well, more handsome and stylish look.  Take the sweet candy-color dress with high saturation tone to brighten the whole body shape the boots accession to match the sleek stylish.

Long section of the denim shirt + high waist shorts are the legs with the most basic in the spring , but if you use a pair of the whims of boots to match their street sense will be more intense, and the lips become the most compelling parts.

Full sense of the denim jacket, casual pants a little fat dress in mercerized great the Shuyuan sense, waist bottoming wear make you look more capable but also more modern retro .

Light blue jeans and refreshing nude color T with a chic of the effect, if you choose a flounced skirt is even more unique, with a pair of ballet shoes to make your shape look more perfect.

If there is a pattern and a denim shirt is a perfect match, that is floral, the two colors to highlight each other’s advantages, two single product looks better like this with a skirt , is the most sense of the city worn.

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