Sunday, April 15, 2012

Taylor Swift, favorite dress!

Introduction: country music days Houtai Le Swift  really love the dress, whether to attend or street shooting high rate of appearance of the dress.  Floral, Chiffon or solid color dress, Taylor Swift can always dress to wear clothing with their own taste, can be described as a “dress the Queen!  Next, we take a look at Taylor Swift is how to wear dresses ~

Brown coat + the Orange Polka Dot Dress + FRENCH S OL E, fs / ny velvet flat shoes red and yellow of the collision color with rich colors and vibrant echoes Taylor’s lips and feet velvet flat -soled shoes both loose yellow windbreaker cuffs rolled to appear casual and comfortable.

Orange waves dresses also look great worn alone, with a brown bag is very suitable for early summer out to the streets.

Retro dress + white cape coat with a blue bag, very suitable for early summer shopping.

The light-colored Floral Dress This dress is Taylor seaside resort wear, very refreshing.

Floral Dress + brown blouse in a floral dress outside the set of a bat blouse, cool and type, with a sweater chain and flat shoes to the street.

Single items of dress + smock Taylor always reuse the smock again reasonable a picture before the low-carbon wild ~ ~ with a complex archaic swing dress, wore a wide brimmed hat , full The British Wind ~

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