Thursday, April 19, 2012

Early summer fashion with four popular take-all on fashion

REVIEW: really short spring, before the wardrobe of clothes down the summer! Bloom in early summer to how to use his magic wardrobe? Brilliant color to wear, retro shirts, Oxford shoes quickly equipped for this early summer to master the following four popular, fashionable High Street the Queen is you steal the spotlight to prepare!
Popular NO 1: color to wear!

A variety of eye-color flower pretty High Street! To choose their own to match best with the same color, but a good choice: gold red shirt is simple and straight jeans with a hole in casual , rolled up his pants side will not let the legs echoed up and down significantly chunky shoes and shirts with a matte finish to the jacket level.

Popular NO 2: metal texture necessary!

Tie in the metal texture of the shorts in a denim shirt , with a small white suit as a whole immediately lit up! calm with some wild wristlet with and shorts echoed so, the details must not be ignored!

Popular NO 3: retro shirt ready yet!

Small pointed collar swept to the present, to prepare them! Retro shirt in his breast with a folding design, without too much decoration cumbersome decorative Slim jeans + retro oxford shoes, headband and black-rimmed glasses decorated really nice handsome + beautiful holiday handsome woman.

Popular NO 4: sports shoes !

Hot sports shoes play recently, there has to be! Friends or High Street or! Are weapon! Irregular long white strapless Tee simple with Slim denim , sneakers and comfortable by adding a small fresh green knitted jacket hollow Oh!

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