Friday, April 20, 2012

Exceed and dressing skills to easily have a good body

Introduction: very few women have a perfect body, and that only in the dressing with the efforts.  But with how to avoid weaknesses, and to show perfect body?  One up the school the student movement of women who dress with piercing the more self-confident figure.

Short paragraph waist coat , pearl trim design, small shrug, every detail are the United States.  Inside the ride doll collar white shirt , coupled with loose yellow pantyhose , flat shoes , exposing the ankle, was thin fashion .

Loose bat shirt, beautiful color and letter patterns, so this bat shirt looks more texture, the possession of the meat was thin. Pants with a plaid skirt, knee ten centimeters exactly reveal a small spindly legs.

This match is ideal for upper body fat than girls, loose hollow sweater possession of live fat body look more proportioned pants of course want to choose more or less to match the exposed leg, so that the sense of more tall.

Loose white T-shirt, simple and refreshing colors, loose a degree of upper body particularly good, especially the design of the hem at the grasp fold, very chic. Divided skirts with a black base, just to cover the large hip bone, showing a slender figure.

The stitching A word shirt dress, nude color with the combination of denim blue, handsome yet feminine, sweet and lovely collar, slightly expanding the hem, full of the taste of the girls, especially good-looking.

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