Monday, April 9, 2012

European style Fun High Street, mad love with analytic

The show floor, keep them coming back a super model in High Street, in addition to that exquisite face and most people can not control the gas field, looks around and does not feel wearing a very fancy, but Europe and the United States range child is then in their praise! Europe and the United States range of children swept the blind worship and pursuit of the girls really get up and how to wear? ratio of how to control? Let me tell you!

Tee of the basic models is a favorite of European and American girl, simple and casual with Slim trousers, retro tip shoes pocketed keep them coming back, patent leather materials and colors leaping orange diagonal packet echoes motorcycle models in the nude color long coat handsome plus points.

Is also a common style of a suit + Tee , Slim jeans and suede boots uphill with the texture a lot of heavy dome of the hat and the diagonal of the bag to the original serious pull into the fashion mix and match The feeling of leisure in which.

Is not difficult to see in the off- street shooting in model, mostly dress + motorcycle leather looks really cool looking orange animal pattern stitching dresses, the color is not so clear-cut, however feel really awesome boots Black Tangerine and irregular lapel leather echoed up and down.

Sea striped shirt-sleeve Tee-level with the basic models long-sleeved pleated veil of nude color , but this romantic season, black boots + mixed colors handbags, pay attention to the waist phosphor color belt decoration, you can quickly make you look slender and too much!

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