Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gao Yuanyuan VS Yang Mi Dress Competition

Introduction: The recently regardless of Gao Yuanyuan Zhao Ting Jie Dilian or Yang Mi and Nicholas Tse, the world’s best sex scandal, has successfully attracted the attention of all.  Why is the female star of the peach shipped?  In fact, we can dress which from Gao Yuanyuan Yang Mi, learning to 6 “Dr. Peach” beautiful.

    No.1 powder is red

So-called “Dr. Peach, who of course need the pink of red clothes to convey information, and large areas of pink color is not only delivered a lovely atmosphere, the feminine is also full of it.  Whether Yang Mi pink skirt, dress or round red a dress and coat , we is not hard to smell the taste of love from their look.

No.2 white dress

The white one-piece dress is absolutely representative of the innocent woman to be sexy at the same time of course, need a simple, single product is absolutely essential to our wardrobe into a single product.  Panda packet like Gao Yuanyuan, Yang Mi nude color high-heeled, regardless of how the match , will not go wrong.

No.3 coat & vest

Handsome, independent women emit a distinctive feature, regardless of coat or vest, witha reasonable, can make their own hardness with softness, attracting all eyes.

No.4 dress

Gao Yuanyuan Yang Mi ceremony clothing play, we can easily see their elegant.  Daily major holiday, we all need a universal dress – a simple cut, not exaggerated colors can handle all occasions!

No.5 Occupational women fitted

Gao Yuanyuan Yang Mi are invariably selected white piece pants and white T- shirt These are professional women wardrobe must single product , so with how to make limitless energy without losing a sense of professionalism? waist, bright colors of the tie The band, cut a special shirt can help us.

No.6 beautiful bride installed

An unbeaten teen idol into a love of a budding artistes Idol rumors, Gao Yuanyuan Yang Mi spontaneously choose to take wedding blockbusters, the more our hearts, of course there is a result of, but no matter how wedding of course is the most difficult selection of the most difficult to decide a clothes so that we find inspiration from their photos!

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