Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Suitable for wearing jewelry principles

Jewelry for consumers to personal use, the aptamer that is suitable for consumer personal situation, it is jewelry to wear should follow the first principle.

Mainly refers to two points, one should fit the human body, there is one point is to fit the person’s personality.

The body has high and low points, fat and thin is, first of all to suit this situation. As the saying goes: “tailored”, that dress to vary, jewelry is an important part of clothing, the same is true. That is, according to the consumer’s own situation to determine the jewelry style and size. In line with this principle on the United States, do not meet this principle is not the United States.
Exaggerated Round Design Hoop Earrings
Exaggerated Round Design Hoop Earrings
For example, to wear earrings, the earrings can be divided into three types: ear paste type, a bead type, heart type, butterfly type, oval, cute, not as high as the most suitable to wear Asians. Hanging ring-shaped, large in the Gypsy flavor, the body tall female more appropriate. This meal is also a small ring, exquisite breathable, mature women to wear more appropriate.

Jewelry personality is through the jewelry user’s personal temperament shown. Temperament refers to a person’s relatively stable personality characteristics, such as elegant, rough, straightforward, cautious, lively, stable, by the habit of life, environmental impact, culture and other factors constitute. Temperament is more abstract, but through the words change behavior can be expressed in concrete. Temperament and people’s clothing has a close relationship, what kind of temperament to wear what kind of jewelry, in order to show a harmonious beauty.
Luxury Gold Plated Triangle Hoop Earrings
Luxury Gold Plated Triangle Hoop Earrings
Chinese women are the most common types of temperament type Ci-hui, unrestrained, scholar-type, naive type, bold type and Jiao Rao sweet type. Tsz-type women choose to natural scenery as the theme, or a round line, the curve of the most appropriate jewelry charm. On the bold type of women, large and rough with a dynamic jewelry, such as the earrings, such as falling earrings can bring the most **. Scholar-type women should wear some of the more dignified Su-static jewelry, with a rational face to establish their own image in society. Naive type of jewelry used by women the best style should not be too complicated. Bold type of women wearing jewelry should be straightforward abstraction as well, it seems sophistication, strong sense of rhythm, full of energy. Jiaorao sweet women should wear the line shape is not so cold, soft colors, warmth of the jewelry, the side appears tenderness, attractive.

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