Friday, December 30, 2011

Temperament vs gas field will be the outcome Korean ladies jacket

REVIEW: Winter in a warm and stylish warm jacket became the most favorite MM out of a single product, today’s editors are recommended to enhance the affinity for the OL ladies jacket, so you sway you in the workplace, fashion charm, to be a popular STAR!

Crisp woolen fabric jacket , warm colors reveal the woman’s warm breath of a small waist with a slice cut, three-dimensional super-thin lines of self-cultivation, fur small collar design more capable.

Classic Chane L wind black checkered element jacket , reflecting a very retro British flavor, delicate and crisp fabrics for clothing and body is very stylish, thick tweed knitting lines full of personality, distinct Check to form a three-dimensional level .

Korean simple design models, through the fur fabric, cut short too small cardigan jacket attractive modification of your waist, the proportion of the visual look more slender.  Load stylish lantern sleeves , giving it an elegant, full of ladies to build popular style!

Soft and comfortable woolen material, delicate texture show off feminine qualities.  Large lapel elegant cardigan cut, multi-layered outfit changes, to modify the effect of convergence waist.  Build elegant and charming temperament, conveys Korean beauty of style!

Sapphire blue solid color coat , woolen texture, thick fabric, crisp version of the model, very handsome and elegant!  Black collar stitching adds a touch of instant luxurious atmosphere, exquisite silk scarf and high heels echoed very stylish.
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