Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cooling the cold, the depths of winter can do cool lady

REVIEW: nineteen days soon to be passed, will become increasingly cold Oh! Dressing areas should pay more attention in the contest between the type and temperature will become increasingly powerful, small series give you a dressing kit, we also have cold response, not like a bear, you must be a cool lady!

Twist weaving together vintage sweater really moving! but definitely ice-free people, the black shirts of the primer and the skirt with , tall, charming, warm fur with hat coat is absolutely guaranteed! a black, definitely the most low-key, the inevitable is the most gas field!

Mood Down
Down is an essential product, many styles! with them must have required! white T-shirt basic primer , and pink shirt with a guard, clean and beautiful! is absolutely black and purple mix, the level preferred, snow boots and cute ball head echo, lovely woman who does not like it!

The same level of white primer , gray linen with cap leisure thin it inside the ride, black stitching jeans and thick heels lengthen the legs curve is the key to a long section of black in Down ‘s match , the most appropriate.

Fashionable fur
Retro sweater rendering , wearing a small single suit would be some cold, then add the fur vested right, stylish out! dark blue jeans, vintage colors, and in the suit color, brown and bare boots and handbags are echoed up and down.

Black woolen dress , Shuyuan favorite pink short and fur with a simple , but the effect is not general, and accessories area, not all Shuyuan single product to be piled up together, handsome lace boots, floppy shoes with fully reflect their naughty, diagonal of the bag , is a personality of the princess , so what!

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