Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Year red sign installed

The first post of the new year, want Lyly was, of course, red Italian ~
Countdown to usher in a new year’s first at home this morning, the Sun unlimited good
Change it for their lovely quilt cover Mitch,
Red elements are consistent with the theme
The whole House happy ~
New year, let me have a free reason for squandering the Red
Experience red in winter, warm enthusiasm both bright and vibrant,
Don’t need too many matches
A retro red dress can cut in the winter of the deep
Red-Black combination without errors
Red and white mix ~ what do you think?
A red pleated skirt and white knit small opening shirts
Elegant and with a retro atmosphere
Red chunky heels high heels is ending in matching echo
If that’s not enough red, and Red CAP what?

Chiffon, trumpet sleeves, lace is always a Princess favorite
And Red chiffon sleeves + Horn + Black Lace is more than a few small sexy,
In the winter, both sexy and in the winter to keep warm
Clothes with maomaolibu and cold, and said bye
Red and Leopard, in conjunction with two eye-catching elements simultaneously, on which more than a few?
Red is the arrogance, and arrogance with Leopard are not isolated
Still like the coat, ~ English-style Rock girl style Plaid coat, is handsome yet sweet mix of black and red are classic
If you want to red is not publicity, then I’ll have a little dot OK ~
If you feel there is nothing new, that tries to fashion this year Orange, vitality vitamin c matching white most insurance
                    Chinese New Year  Promotion Party  

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