Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Super Easy! December, the influx of Korean girl scarves Department of Law

REVIEW: South Korea is located in the northeast Asian continent in winter, a long time, warm scarves became a necessity, Korea is the trendy, this scarf-line Korean MM worth elegant about it, we got to 12 IN scarf with the most street and hope in the winter, it lets you instantly become monotonous elegance of the clothes are not extraordinary!

Korean scarves most IN-line: gentle single-junction
Random long scarf draped over the shoulder prominent single-junction fluffy, giving the impression lively, active, enthusiastic impression.  Thick rod style simple knit feel rough, very good decorative effect.  With Slim woolen coat is very modest levels of tension.

Korean scarves most IN-line: warm collars
South Korea since last year, popular with collars, collars easy to wear light, but with them is varied, so that winter more flavor! scarves worse than the character-line double-oh – is very simple, this system method most suitable for OL ! fashion has no shortage of feminine ~

Korean scarves most IN-line: double knot beggars
First, this is very individual green scarves, why call it beggar knot because it is very old effect. Although it seems the Department of effects is very complex, actually-line is simple: the scarf hanging from the front to the neck, the scarf ends around to the back of the neck and then cross the chest before beating a loose knot, is very suitable for shopping and leisure The dress!

Korean scarves most IN-line: the traditional ring junction
This traditional scarves-line to form natural, smooth, stylish , because the shawl tied knot behind, it looks from behind the back of the same beautiful and moving.  And large sweater with a very harmonious together. Not only add layering, the role of a little more warmth, but also play a finishing touch to brighten the overall effect.

Korean scarves most IN-line: a small shawl collars
Is a set neck scarves or shawls?  This is a scarf – you can not tell, but with a coat will give you a different mix of style tweed. Can be wrapped around the shoulder of the big warm scarf is necessary, and then catch a thin leg trousers or Legging S, ultra-fine little face + U.S. on errands so you walk in the streets throughout the winter – the wind is the most pull Fashion Daren an!
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