Tuesday, March 20, 2012

5 leggings let you keep fashionable

No matter the season how to transform a variety of leggings filled the streets of fashion. Say that wearing a pair of leggings is not difficult, but if leggings will appear to be normal when the collision to the ordinary leggings and leopard, lace and other elements together, people were filled with wonders. And because more and more fashionable design, leggings have become the magic weapon to attract people’s eyes.

Attached to classic black white lace, rich feminine tough and gentle contrast to the collision. Very simple black and white color, lace, some will be very conspicuous, the upper body with matter how you choose.
Red and black stitching leggings are High Street feeling full range of children, even the big stars of today’s hard to resist. Black stitching part of the design in the rear of the leg, the leg type has been the most perfect modification.
A simple underwear classic plaid color all integrated together, whether it is a bigger way of the English children or college wind can to interpret. Upper body with the emphasis can be placed on the shirt and jacket, then embark on a pair of high motorcycle boots, handsome feminine can not stop.
The high saturation of orange tights to seize the eye, against the background of the bright colors, loose long section of the shirt of dark lines and handsome motorcycle boots into the essential mix.

Knee on the opening designed not only as a modification of the originally straight leggings change some fold, play a modified legs have effect. The gray shallow, it is recommended that beauties had upper body wearing black high lacing boots also make the legs look more slender!

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