Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Help girls: Festival belly spoiler spring mix and match to Try

Introduction: After the Spring Festival, in addition to re-start so that you do not have the spirit, I am afraid that this body issues can make you mad Oh! Wanton holidays how HOLD live in a small pot. The waist fat is not already the shadow of the “tire”? Girl help tailored for you, the layers of the face of the new spring mix and match your thick waist change slender Oh!
Clothing to help the girl, with a keen fashion sense typical are women, regardless of classic black and white ash or the trend of red, green and purple, so that women look stylish Fun classic is my motto.
To help the girl Hello, you help me think about dressing with a problem , my little belly presumptuous of the Lunar New Year holidays, what to wear to feel that the wrong child.  I am sure the waist is absolutely rough. To catch up with the season spring , how I want to wear will make up this small “defect”?
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Recommend a single product: a long coat to create the same color
Although the upcoming beginning of spring, but early spring is still cold!  Sister have long to hold back any longer the arrival of spring put on a short coat out to the streets.  In fact, the short section of the jacket just waist fat exposure Oh! Conservative, long coat, after all, to outline the contours are to build a tall visual.  Pot of course, to balance the many oh.

Recommend a single product : the waist coat + high waist skirts to seek a color difference
Waist cashmere coat, of course, dark most thin efficacy, but a black taste of spring.  It is a bold demand for color difference not only hit the color to wear nothing new Oh! lace Material + watermelon red high waist skirt with a small blue and white floral shirt reveals a fresh young taste. With a thin clear coat natural level myself!

Recommended single product : loose sweaters + shorts proportion to start with steady, accurate, relentless
The first to feel the spring atmosphere is none other than downloading style Oh! discard the thick cashmere pants, no thickness double warm pants, young girls has long been just around the corner on the shorts.  Season you want to grab the “fresh” shorts out and the natural suction eye.  When loose sweater encounter shorts, the key point on the scale! upper body, the complete liberation of the legs highlights the slim sense, just make up your belly belly. Do not underestimate this little visual difference really spike local obesity Oh!

Recommend a single product : pleated skirt + fur display depth of mix and match
When spring first wave was added to our start, the dress began to swagger Oh! in the style to choose? 100 kilt to lead the retro tide, but little support to the sense of people really questioned.  In fact, echoed up and down do not have to worry!

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