Sunday, February 12, 2012

The whims sporty single product upgrade to do the ultimate modern woman

Introduction: too much style, not every day, for to dress themselves, too formal will the pressure of breath, too sexy, is not every day would like to express casual sporty or to the power and comfort, with the retro fierce winds, adding a lot of movement elements inside the pants of old age has become necessary Leggings, big version of the suit became a processing design must buy cocoon coat is a single product can easily allow you to create the whims and sporty.

Basic single-product : Leggings
With a reason to upgrade: material comfort, self-cultivation, wild
Large white T-shirt + dark gray Shirt , smoke gray leggings seem legs curve is praise, sweet pink lamb wool coat with velvet high heels always make the girls let them go, rose pink wool cap increase the number of sports atmosphere, the diagonal of the package is very modern.

T-shirt + shirt , the same basic models, colors have to understand their fit, dark blue Korean coat with leisure , sports shoes and a wool cap completely seen sense of movement with metal zipper bags to join a lot of modern fashion sense is not it?

Basic single-product : shorts , short skirts ( with )
Upgrade with reason: level with a wild , multi-style
Smoke gray thin it shorts + leggings , striped socks purple sports shoes to the force of collision , a red lapel padded Korea Fan children, pinch waist design to reduce the bloated feeling, but also can block the fleshy belly clever.

Skirts really hot popular , of Wei shirt suit is also South Korea MM hot models, dark gray skirt sweater set with the same color hat , black sports shoes section can choose the slope with increasing height is very simple, modern + movement , step !

Basic single product : solid version of a suit
Upgrade with reason: was thin, stylish, popular
With the light blue classic checkered shirt and ivory white rabbit sweater level, it is clean and beautiful, white leggings control can not select gray, milk white version of a suit a type of match, was thin is absolute, retro + leisure .

In a long sweater + leggings , is MM’s favorite with too much reason do not have more long-winded, double-breasted cocoon suit praised, put on high-top athletic shoes immediately wind movement , chain bag is version suits best with one oh.

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