Friday, February 10, 2012

Street tidal interpretation pencil pants fashion

Introduction: As in recent years, the prevalence of long shirt, pencil pants, along with a large heat up.  However, pencil pants in the tide to take a good partner can be more than just a long shirt, tight, to the effect of a short paragraph can also be clever Dachu stylish and stunning, to the spring, it is better to help MM had a big show of legs, beautiful and generous. not to be missed.

 The very Europe and the United States a paste together the body of the cut the lower body revealing, with a pair of high heels will be very sexy upper body free to take a high-necked T-shirt plus a scarf will be enough eye-catching. (This article is reproduced from Netease)

Gold silk blend fabric reveals the noble luster, quite the cool of the Versace brand leather pants. Pants-type self-cultivation was thin, flexible, with fringed knit sweater , bring your ultra-tide wearing experience.

This perfect models is really amazing, elegant tailoring the perfect rendering of the lower body curves, double stitching process strong stereotypes.  Every detail Seiko secret agents, a classic.  With a simple T-shirt can make you glamorous.

Thigh design folds to
bring a unique sense of design.  Slim models highlight the body curves.  Light blue exudes a fresh and elegant, with loose money knitted sweater superior results.

The ebullient Scottish plaid patterns brought aristocratic style waistband fold design, create a slight harem pants LOOK.  With high boots and leather , easy to build in Europe and America big Fan.

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