Thursday, May 10, 2012

The beautiful and elegant teach you to build a super summer fairy installed

Introduction: The girls dream of aesthetic and elegant temperament, is not far away from us.  Properly chosen single product and a decent mix of easy to contrast the fairy temperament, Most Beautiful and great season of summer is the show, do not miss Oh.

The beautiful and elegant teach you to build a super summer fairy installed
Pure white chiffon and satin are the interpretation of the yield of the fairy wind, silky, lightweight, gentle facial, crossover design of the back or waist small wooden ear, details sufficient to outline the thick Xianqi .

White loose T + light mint green skirt
Slightly in some opaque pure white loose T-shirt , very light mint green skirt, fresh and supple bright colors with tremendous temperament to create surplus cents.

Silk printed jumpsuit dress
The pastel colors of silk printed jumpsuit dress is a summer essential single product .  Romantic prints , sweet flavor.  Belt , clutch, turn the retro fairy wind interpreted with great accuracy.

High saturation, solid color vertical sense of dress
Fairy women are not all fresh and elegant, high saturation, solid color can also be interpreted is the color.  Slim and ankle length with flat sandals , casual summer fairy inadvertently to create success.

Sweet lace net veil
Stitching lace net veil, sweet, pleasant, white waist fine with just the right convergence of a delicate and complicated lace and a light and elegant yarn network, a show of hands every move she makes so cents.

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