Monday, May 7, 2012

Bohemian skirt to give you a cool summer

Introduction: In summer, all kinds of beautiful dresses colorful appearance, different styles and different styles, each one is addictive. However, this Summer may wish to try the next recommended several boat neck dress, exposing the beautiful lines of the clavicle, so sexy charm with you this Summer.

Tri-color stitching Slim Dress
This tri-color stitching Slim dress, flounced elegant fold treatment, waist belt waist design, a variety of tall girls are suitable for wearing. Chest before flouncing decorated full of a sense of elegant, more in line with the soft feel of the dress , skirt layered, make you more attractive.

                                                         Vertical stripe dress
The vertical striped dress with gloss color and high waist, tall and very significant. The skirt of Punta degree of praise, just right of self-cultivation plate. Waist design is also very thin. Stripes but this year fire a trend of the elements.

                                                  Bohemia harness dress dress
The Bohemian suspenders skirt dress, Polka Dot skirt is a bright spot, lace hollow design in the chest before , sexy, full of romantic style, easy to build your lady temperament .


Slim Bohemia stripes dress
This bohemian striped dress very stylish charm.  Slim version of the type, more slender and tall of stature, with a pure white cardigan, delicate curvature of the collar, it can reflect the competent temperament.


Floral Bohemia Bohemia dress
This floral bohemian skirt is the super- popular style this summer .  Simple and elegant floral, light and flowing chiffon fabrics, and delicate pattern, enchanting rustic charm, with a small harness , revealing a gentle feminine.

Washed denim blue mixed colors bohemian dress
This washing denim blue mixed colors bohemian dress, camisole -style make this simple dress is even more cool feeling.  If it is simple, the word vest is too casual, or choose to harness vest is king, is absolutely remarkable high thin models oh.

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