Friday, May 18, 2012

How to wear all kinds of dresses?Fashion mm with Raiders

Introduction: The summer beauty of the female wardrobe, natural and ultimately, long or short period, sweet or elegant, holiday or commuting, and so on and so on all kinds of dresses.  But in the end were about with your skirt?  Small girls how to manage all kinds of dresses?  Network Reds choking mouth peppers a new season dresses show onto your bench, 2012 summer skirt with the Raiders!

Skirt chapter 1:
If you are a small girls, that the miniskirt certain you must have!  If your color is dim, that black and white is a perfect match .
White Chiffon + little black dress , and then kicking a pair of black ring-necked slope with or fresh sweet or elegant retro in the colorful Main Street, we will let you stand out from the crowd.
TIPS: high waist!  Regardless of the package hip or pleats, you want to wear clothing with the visual sense of the tall, be sure to choose the waist section.

Skirt 2:
 National Wind skirt style this summer, you can not try exotic always pocketed the eye.  Chiffon is elegant and smooth texture of the people . The resort -like feel good sense.
TIPS: For color dim or fullness mm, printing complicated national wind skirt is not appropriate to try, fresh and pure tone, the style of the details at a little embellishment is preferred.

Skirt in chapter 1:
The one-piece dress is the favorite of all the lazy mm, it eliminates the need for us with the trouble, really Banmei great lazy correct a single product .  The skirt in the color and style to name a few, enough to meet a variety of occasions, the aspirations of a variety of styles.  If you do not know where to begin to choke a small pepper demonstration 3 is confirmed for this summer’s trend, that is, hit the color, lace , animal stamped.

Lace perspective dress hot from the brightest stars , the people never tired of the chase can be seen.
White skin in transparent lace set off under the looming temptation to the extreme, is more subtle than the naked exposed flesh, but more deadly!  This is sexy ,The connotation is located.
The TIP: No matter what style of dress, for the smaller mm, the best design should be located above the knee.

Dress chapter 1:
The flowing skirt to expose girls glittering, of course, its powerful covered with thick legs, Buttocks function can not be ignored.
The robe is to make up for the shortcomings of the common pear-shaped figure in Asia mm.

Dress :
PS: the best mix of half-length skirt is a crop shirt, and immediately see the results of the elongated lower body proportion!

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