Monday, May 28, 2012

Elegant sweet bra flat chest girl instant rise in a Cup

Introduction: the underwear will be able to understand a girl, definitely not false words.  Flat chest girls greatest wish is that no matter sexy or sweet, first looked at the fullness of the job.  Beautiful Xiaobian today recommended several for you flat chest MM suitable for summer wear, both elegant and pleasant, but also can help you resolve what style of bra breast enhancement effect, so that your chest quickly out, refused to “flat” Yong.

Playful navy stripes is more refreshing than any color pretty oblique extension patterns make the chest look more upright, the cleavage will be more apparent in summer, wearing Source: beautiful network

Department of the neck style bra can effectively gather a small chest and together, the visual effect of an absolute increase of one cup, wearing a halter only demonstrates a perfect back and fullness in the chest can make you more worth seeing yo.

If you have a smaller chest, just unfortunate Furu the triangle strap of the bra to help you most breast , can not only unsightly Furu all gather to the chest, looked fuller breast shape. also can make the arm more slender slim.

In addition to rely on models to help enhance the cup, color games is you need to try.  Color yellowish girls wear pink underwear to make your chest more pronounced lines, wearing a low cut dress is the most appropriate to show a casual sexy.

In fact, black underwear can also be very elegant, the cover layer of tulle gives a feeling of Bra, this bra in the summer is super attentive, looming lines the chest flat chest girl are more sexy, small chest spring thing.

Small chest should choose what style was the most plentiful? The answer is 3/4 overlay bra .  It can help you other fat to gather in the central, revealing enviable cleavage , the entire breast shape will look fuller, the waist will follow slender Oh.

Satin bra more expansive sense of lace mix so , outside the ride shirt will make your chest natural fullness, while the breathable lace will give you a comfortable soft feel, Bra bra ride sling The shirt will be very appropriate and it can definitely prevent emptied.

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