Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Choke a small chilli private clothes shopping street control dress with

Introduction: choking mouth peppers popular network again PW Street, light skirt craze.  Dress ride for Asian girls body is really small, small chili interpretation clearly and logically.  Bohemian style, seems to dress to become the best choice.

Tide: choking mouth peppers

Interpretation of the goal: Retro High Street

When Saika be flower clusters instead of, the large scale of the fabric become the best stage. Retro flavor with you to find the mother of grade sheets or curtains, oh.  Exaggerated with impunity, become an indisputable focus.  The upper body weaving a sense of strong T-shirt with lace fitted rendering. Coupled with the ornaments , one with the absolute High Street children ~

Recommended style: T-shirt : H & M

Shoes : Givenchy

Bracelet : ASOS

The influx of people demonstrates

Interpretation of the goal: fresh outspoken faction

Elegant and fresh chiffon dress , there is no extra tricks but seem light and neat.  The upper T-shirt pattern color echoes the outside to take the shirt.  Hands and waist accessories secretly refracted light.  One with more outspoken comfortable sense of curiosity.

Recommended style: ring : Marc by Marc Jacobs

Bag : ELLE

Sandals : ASOS

Street shot of the influx of people

Interpretation of the goal: sweet just around the corner

Sweet is more direct and unbridled, do not seem to be concerned about.  The contrary, when sweet just around the corner, the temptation comes from the inner outbreak.  Heart skirts and a white T-shirt with casual optimize body proportions, petite figure what appeared. Retro inclined bag and belt , regardless of material or style to add a hint of retro, full of good memories.

Recommended style: T-shirt : ZARA

Bag : of ASOS.

Denim vest : H & M

Street beat elements

Interpretation of the goal: retro elegant

Black and white amplitude to produce a strong visual difference, but when the dress , black and white bow elements together with . Will always be speculation as a Hepburn plot.  Duplicate elements are evenly distributed, visual art strike a sense of admiration all eyes.

Recommended style: T-shirt : TOPSHOP


Sandals : of ASOS.


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