Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Legs hot pants popular in the summer to create a Europe and the United States minimalist range of children

Introduction: The hottest summer than legs show, hot shorts, slender leg type, Xiaobian teach you how to build the legs bunt simple Europe and the United States range of children.  A lot of MM Europe and the United States range of children is difficult to build, it is not difficult, a simple short ride to realize Oh!

Star Model: Emma Roberts
White chiffon shirt + denim hot shorts , simple people more affinity with sexual feelings, the upper body relaxed sense of design shirt with pants tight hot pants , but also visually highlights the legs slender.

White T-shirt must be summer, a single product , MM favorite shorts to show off your legs with a short paragraph , the whole attire is very simple, but little jewelry bright spot to the whole body, rose red box side retro sunglasses , so you even more star children!

Star Model: Emma Roberts
Retro striped shirt + denim short section of a black belt the whole attire more texture, and want to make your legs more slender visual, you can try very casual striped shirt tucked in shorts , This can better highlight the slender legs, but also to create a retro sense of Oh!

Small fresh and simple range of children.  Tips Oh, curling denim shorts , even if the thigh slightly plump MM can control, because the design of curling in the visual will make your legs look more slender.  Fluorescent color of a single product can be effective to mention the whole body dress in bright, richer overall fashion sense !

Piece shorts retro sense of full season keen complex archaic MM, essential single product Oh! easily create a retro feel, to catch a belt design , to better highlight the waist, make the body more perfect.

Loose sense of the T-shirt with short shorts , a simple one England cap, and immediately enhance Europe and the United States range of children.  A pair of leopard pattern, flat shoes , and enhance the highlight of a single product , albeit very mediocre T-shirt, with such a flat -soled shoes , will double the fashion sense to the whole outfit !


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